Helmet Storage Shelf by Touratech

Moto Shelf

Touratech-USA has introduced what it calls "quite possibly the world’s coolest helmet shelf." The Touratech Riders Helmet Shelf ($60) is designed to be a practical and stylish way to store and organize motorcycle riding gear in the shop, garage, or home.

Made of stainless steel and CNC-machined, Touratech Riders Helmet Shelf offers dedicated storage space for both a motorcycle helmet and hanging your riding gear.

Large holes allow for ventilation of the helmet from below, which Touratech claims is "a superior arrangement to setting the helmet on a flat surface."

The unit measures 12 inches wide by 14 inches deep, and allows riding gear can be hung on its two hooks, or with a hanger.

The motorcycle helmet itself is held securely, according to Touratech.


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