X Games 16: Super X Results

X Games Results

In 1972 would-be promoter Mike Goodwin held the first supercross race in the Los Angeles Coliseum. He coined the event "supercross" as his vision was to make the growing sport of motocross more spectator and TV friendly by bringing the action into easily accessible football stadiums, so he named the event a hybrid of the Superbowl and motocross.

A 16 year-old named Marty Tripes won the event and would go on to become a motocross legend. Last night X Games 16 brought supercross back to its roots in the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Josh Grant, who suffered a crash last year at X Games 15 breaking both his feet in his heat race was looking for redemption this year in Los Angeles.

Both Josh Grant and Justin Brayton qualified easily for the main event. When the gate fell for the final, it was two-time Super X Gold Medalist Josh Hansen in the lead with Grant and Brayton giving chase.

On lap two of 15 Brayton was passed by fellow Yamaha rider Ivan Tedesco, but stayed close to the third-place rider. Over the ensuing laps Grant, along with Tedesco and Brayton started to reel in Hansen.

Grant closed in and made his move for the lead on lap 11 with Brayton re-passing Tedesco as well as getting by Hansen for second. When the checkered flag flew it was the Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX Team riders claiming X Games Gold and Silver Medals.

Men Super X Final
1. Josh Grant 13:08.835
2. Justin Brayton 13:14.247
3. Josh Hansen 13:15.431
4. Ivan Tedesco 13:16.700
5. Dan Reardon 13:38.880
6. Chris Blose 13:41.145
7. Nick Wey 13:45.131
8. Weston Peick 15:23.121
9. Daniel Blair 15:38.963
10. Jimmy Decotis 15:41.345
11. Chris Gosselaar 16:15.118
12. Jason Lawrence 17:44.323

The event was broadcast live on ESPN to a worldwide audience.

Josh Grant will compete for his second Gold Medal at X Games 16 in the Best Whip competition tomorrow, July 30, with live coverage of the final beginning at approximately 9:30 p.m. (EST) on ESPN.


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