Dunlop D211 GP-A Debuts At Mid-Ohio

Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop Tires began the 2010 AMA Road Racing season with the introduction of an all-new Sportmax D211 GP-A, the DOT race tire used exclusively in the Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes.

Now, midway through this same season, Dunlop unveils yet another D211 GP-A with a harder compound built to better suit the faster tracks around the USA.

"This coming weekend at the Mid-Ohio round we will have a new Hard compound of the Sportmax D211 GP-A available exclusively for Daytona Sport Bike and Supersport competitors," said Sabastian Mincone, Dunlop Road Race Manager.

"This new compound has been developed using direct feedback from riders. Even though AMA racing is a spec-tire series, all of us here at Dunlop continue to invest time and effort in our racing and tire development in the U.S., building up new technology that will benefit pro racers and sportbike consumers as well. Our R&D process never ends, and now we see the next phase of our D211 GP-A development."


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