TTXGP North America: Canada Results

Zero-Emissions Racing

Over 20,000 fans gathered to launch the next generation of motorcycle racing in Canada as the TTXGP North American 2010 Round 3 got underway.

Michael Barnes on the Lightning electric superbike lit the track up with a best lap time of 1:35.278, only 13 seconds off the Honda CBR600RR pace. Richard Hatfield has certainly sparked the field with a motor and a package that is dominating the field.

Thad "Wolffman" Wolff kept a consistent strong performance for Team Norton Electra and repeating his place on the podium for a string second.

Mavizen and Team Werkstatt took its first zero-emissions motorcycle racing podium with a strong 3rd finish leading a full lap ahead of Michael Hannas. Steven Belknap on Square Wave came in 5th with a solid 2:12.218.

Agni had logistical problems that failed to see them on the grid for Canada

It was an exciting race and a calling card for TTXGP in Canada and the start of a larger field for next year when TTXGP returns to Mosport. A number of new Canadian teams were observing and have now focused on the challenge of joining TTXGP for 2011.

The circus moves to VIR for the TTXGP North American Final and the crowning of the TTXGP North American Champion 2010.

With a double header weekend in both Canada and the UK now done, the TTXGP continues to be the world leader for the next generation of motorsport. A global programme of 13 races set with 9 remaining, TTXGP grows from strength to strength.

Round 3 of the TTXGP North American Championship 2010 is being hosted by Parts Canada Superbike Championship. This is the national road racing championship for Canada.

Mosport International Raceway
Course Length 3.9km
July 11th, 2010

TTXGP North American Championship 2010 Round 3

Final Times:
1st. Michael Barnes
Team Lightning
1:35.278 (Best Laptime)

2nd Thad Wolff
Team Norton Electra

3rd Jennifer Bromme
Team Werkstatt

4th Michael Hannas
Electric Race Bikes

5th Steven Belknap
Square Wave

Team Agni


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