H-D Cleveland: Women’s Ride & Lunch

Motorcycling Event

Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson is excited to host their women’s only summer motorcycle ride on Saturday, July 10.

Departure time is at 10a ET from their location on 14550 Lorain Avenue. The 70 mile scenic motorcycle ride will span across Northeast Ohio with a complimentary lunch following.

The event is for women who share a love of riding and a love of Harley-Davidson. All bikes are welcome. Summers in Cleveland are short so this is a great reason to ride and travel to atypical areas of Cleveland.

Traveling via motorcycle is a fantastic way to really see the city and be part of the surroundings. Ohio is one of the top 5 states to ride in and Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson fan base is ecstatic about any event that involves riding.

"Our crew has planned a unique and fun outing to build team spirit among Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson women riders," said Stephanie Schmidt, Marketing Manager for Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson Sales Company.

"We’re excited for our members to know one another and be part of the local community. This type of event allows us to interact with our loyal enthusiasts while enforcing women’s independence, sense of adventure and the desire to learn more about motorcycles, gear and riding."

The diversity of bikers proves that riding is for anyone of all ages. Today’s Harley rider can be the independent woman or the first time biker choosing to invest in a Harley now because they want an affordable method of traveling.

Riding is a lifestyle. Custom fitted bikes and personalized gear match the style of the rider to make the experience of being today’s Cleveland Harley-Davidson motorcyclist more enjoyable.


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