Xtreme Charge Quick Battery Tester

Motorcycle Charger

Battery health is crucial to a properly running motorcycle, so it is essential that you stay aware of your battery’s condition.

The Xtreme Charge Quick Battery Tester couldn’t make this critical job easier, and it successfully tackles a variety of jobs.

To test, simply touch the integrated red sensor to your 12-volt battery’s positive terminal and the black lead to the negative.

An LED comes on, indicating 25-, 50-, 75- or 100-percent charge. That’s it. You can also perform the test using quick-disconnect battery leads, thanks to the pinpoint probes.

Tests can also be run on the alternator, as well as an in-depth battery test that requires running it down a bit and disconnecting the battery leads.

Simple is good, and the Xtreme Charge Quick Battery Tester is perfect.

MSRP: $12.95

Quickly assess your 12-Volt battery as well as alternators health with this pocket-sized battery/alternator tester. It will be the most used tester in shops, garages, and any areas battery checks are performed.

* 4 levels of battery quality
* Fits in your pocket
* Small size is perfect for field use.


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