Motocross: Yosh Echoes in Thunder Valley

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Yoshimura racers owned Thunder Valley from start to finish at the fifth round of the AMA Pro Motocross series in Colorado on Saturday.

Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, and Ashley Fiolek rode their Yoshimura-powered bikes to the podium at Thunder Valley and have been a force to be reckoned with in 2010.

Dungey is now leading the 450 class by 51 points with four wins in a row, Short has dominated the starts with four holeshots in a row, and Fiolek hasn’t finished off the overall podium so far in 2010.

Andrew Short started the day by demonstrating what Yoshimura power can do off the starting line. Short and his Yoshimura-equipped Honda CRF450 took both holeshots in both motos, closely followed by Yoshimura’s Ryan Dungey.

With Yoshimura-powered bikes going 1-2 off the gate, they set themselves up for a great race. Short led the way in moto 1 until a get off put him back in the pack. From there, Dungey took over the lead and kept the momentum flowing. Short fought his way back up to eighth, as Dungey battled to the finish, ending in second place.

In moto 2, Short shot out of the gate with Dungey following close behind again. By lap three, Dungey found his way around Short and then pulled a 13-second gap on the rest of the racers. Dungey easily won the race, and Short finished on the podium in third.

Dungey took the overall in the 450 class, the fourth victory in a row for the rookie, and he now leads the series by 51 points. He’s won six of the last eight motos and his Yoshimura-powered Suzuki RM-Z450 has been powerful and fast all season long.

In the Women’s Motocross series, defending champion Ashley Fiolek has been battling her way to consistent podium finishes. After taking the holeshot in moto 1, Fiolek got taken out by a racer behind her. She picked herself up and fought to a fifth-place finish.

In the second moto, Fiolek was determined to get back on the podium where she’s finished at every round so far in 2010. She did just that with a second-place run to the finish line, and she took second overall for the day. Ashley is currently second in points.

Yoshimura-backed Matt Moss has been trying to recoup his race form after an injury prevented him from competing in the Supercross series earlier this year. Moss finished 22nd overall with 28-19 finishes at Thunder Valley, and he was on the podium to accept the Recovery Award for his commitment to getting back on track in the 450 class.

Round six of the AMA Pro Motocross series takes place at the legendary Red Bud track in Buchanan, Michigan on Saturday, July 3. The Yoshimura-backed racers will be there fighting from start to finish.

Thunder Valley Top 10 Overall
1. Ryan Dungey 2-1
2. Ben Townley 6-2
3. Brett Metcalfe 4-4
4. Josh Grant 1-10
5. Andrew Short 8-3
6. Kyle Regal 9-6
7. Kyle Chisholm 7-8
8. Mike Alessi 12-5
9. Chad Reed 10-7
10. Justin Brayton 13-9

450 Class Overall Points
1. Ryan Dungey 218
2. Brett Metcalfe 167
3. Chad Reed 160
4. Mike Alessi 154
5. Andrew Short 153
6. Josh Grant 152
7. Ben Townley 151
8. Kyle Chisholm 108
9. Thomas Hahn 101
10. Kyle Regal 94


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