Motorcycle: Biodegradable Oil & Cleaner Kit

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Anyone that has spent a day on dusty motorcycle trails and then taken a look at their air filter can attest that the foamy exterior is likely covered in dirt and debris.

Still, cleaning and oiling foam air filters is the most overlooked maintenance issue that motorcycle and ATV technicians see today, and neglect often leads to expensive engine repairs.

Although effective, mineral foam oil requires solvents for cleaning. Solvents are harmful to the environment and require a sealed container for transportation if you want to clean your air filter during an event or at your favorite riding area.

To solve that problem, Yamalube is introducing the Yamalube Biodegradable Foam Air Filter Oil & Cleaner Kit that only requires water for cleaning and can be poured on the ground without hurting the environment. This makes cleaning and oiling foam air filters easy and environmentally safe.

The kit contains dirt-grabbing, water-resistant, super-tacky filter oil and a non-alcohol-based heavy duty, concentrated detergent specifically design to clean foam air filters treated with this oil.

Yamalube Biodegradable Air Filter Oil can only be washed out with Yamalube Biodegradable Foam Air Filter Cleaner and water.

The Yamalube Biodegradable Foam Air Filter Oil & Cleaner Kit is available at Yamaha Motorcycle dealers nationwide. Retail price: $15.79.


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