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Baja Results

JCR/Honda racers Kendall Norman and Colton Udall led their teams to 1st and 2nd respectively at the 42nd annual running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500.

The race course was brutal and the Honda CRF450X’s Pro Circuit suspension & Dunlop tires were key to keeping the riders upright and in the lead.

Kendall crossed the finish line first and Colton followed a few minutes later. The team rode a spectacular race to deliver the one two punch of 1st and 2nd place.

“I couldn’t be happier right now. My team came out on top and the JCR/Honda pit crews proved once again they are the best in Baja.” — Johnny Campbell

This is Honda’s 15th overall motorcycle victory in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 and Kendall Norman’s 4th win in the past 5 years.

Kendall completed the 438 mile course with a dominating time of 8:47:00 at an average speed of 49.96 mph on a Honda CRF450X, securing the title of the fastest vehicle period in the harsh conditions of the Baja.

Full Baja 500 Race Report

KENDALL NORMAN says: “I got the physical lead before I left the wash. There was one bike in front of me and I was able to get him and then I had really clean air. We didn’t have a single problem all day – which is pretty darn amazing considering how tough and gnarly this course is. I’m just really tired but it feels to be here in one piece and then to get my fourth Baja 500 win. When things are going good it seems like things just keep going good. Our JCR Honda was unreal out there – we didn’t miss a beat. I can’t say enough about my team; I wouldn’t be here without them. There was a lot of traffic, a lot of spectators – pretty much every obstacle imaginable but I dealt with it today.”

COLTON UDALL says: “We had a real quick tire change that helped us pass (third-place bike No. 10x). It probably took them a minute to change the tire whereas is took us about 30 seconds. It was really rough out there, it was really long and it took it out of me. We got whooped by the ‘A’ team (teammate Kendall Norman) and I’m kind of bummed about that, but congratulations to them.”

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CLASS 22 (250cc or more)

1. Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 8:47:00 (49.96mph);

2. Colton Udall/Jeff Kargola, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 8:47:26;

3. Robert Underwood, Reno, Nev./David Pearson, Panaca, Nev./Ivan Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico, KTM 450XCW, 9:01:24;

4. A.J. Stewart, Jamul, Calif./Bryce Stavron, Palmdale, Calif./Jesse Casillas, Jamul, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 10:40:17;

5. Jamie Aguilar, Stockton, Calif./Darren Johnson, San Andres, Calif./Riley Robbins, Burson, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 11:15:30;

6. Chad Thornton/Mike Whitman, Farmington, N.M./Kyle Abney, Albuquerque, N.M., KTM 530KCW, 11:23:44;

7. Kyle Abney, Albuquerque, N.M./Adam Thissen, Reno, Nev./Mike Blackman, Encinitas, Calif./Bryce Olson, Rocklyn, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 11:29:08;

8. Cory Evenson, Ramona, Calif., KTM 530XC-W, 12:37:51; 9. Keith Webster, Canada, Honda CRF450X, 14:28:02 (9 Starters, 9 Finishers)

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