Elena Myers Mentors 13-Year-Old Caleigh Ryan

Motorcycle Racing

AMA Pro Elena Myers will mentor up-and-coming flat track and Supermoto racer Caleigh Ryan, providing tips on physical and mental training as well as riding technique.

Long-time Elena supporter StocktonMoto.com will supply Caleigh with machinery and technical support, and the program will officially be known as Team Elena Myers StocktonMoto.com Racing.

Caleigh will continue to race in Supermoto and flat track events this season, while also branching off into mini road racing and big-bike track days to prepare for the 2011 season, when she hopes to begin road racing in earnest.

Elena Myers says: "I met Caleigh last year at a local flat track and saw a fire and level of intensity in her that reminded me of myself," Elena said. "I see a tremendous amount of potential in her. I’ve always wanted to get involved with helping out other young women get somewhere in racing and this is a great opportunity to give back to the sport."

"I’ve had so much support through the years to get me where I’m at today and I know how hard it is to get that support. Sometimes you just need a break. Caleigh is a really cool and down-to-earth kid and deserves all the help I can give her. We need more fast girls in this sport so we’re looking for great things from her in the coming years."

Caleigh Ryan says: "We’ve been supporting Elena for several years now so helping out fast girls is nothing new to us," said Gregg Betz, owner of Stockton Moto. "We’re happy and excited to be collaborating in this effort for Caleigh. I’ve watched Elena grow from local minibike racer to AMA race winner in a pretty short amount of time and hopefully, with our support, we’ll see Caleigh get to the same level that Elena’s worked so hard to achieve."

"I am really excited to be able to work with Elena and I’d like to thank Stockton Moto for giving me the chance to ride their bikes," said Caleigh. "I didn’t believe that a great opportunity like this would spring up so soon in my racing career. Working with Elena will probably be tough at times as I am sure she will push me to do my best, but I’m sure it will be fun as well."

Photo caption: Elena Myers (left) poses with Caleigh Ryan at a flat track event. Photo by John Cowgill.


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