Motocross: 2010 US Grand Prix a Success

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At the end of an exciting Grand Prix weekend, Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo, Glen Helen Raceway President Bud Feldkamp and FIM/CMS President Dr. Wolfgang Srb reckoned this comeback of the FIM Motocross World Championship to the United States has been the start to a further development of the series.

With the last Grand Prix of the United States having been held in 1999 at Budds Creek, Glen Helen ended an absence period of 11 years with an exciting Grand Prix including the MX1, MX2 and Veterans classes.

Youthstream’s goal of having the Motocross World Championship begin when the Supercross series ends, a goal which FIM shares with its promoter, would see the Motocross series visiting the USA on a regular basis and hopefully hosting a significant amount of their National top racers battling it out with the world’s best motocrossers.

Glen Helen Raceway has unveiled like a solid base to host a Grand Prix event at top level courtesy of their great infrastructures, passion, commitment and common views with Youthstream.

The 2010 Grand Prix of USA was successfully created and run with the philosophy of uniting the Motocross community worldwide -now including a big country such as America- and giving a burst to the worldwide awareness of the sport of Motocross.

Ending an 11 year absence period, this Grand Prix has come back together with a whole new philosophy and understanding of worldwide motocross. It anticipates a future scenery of a fully global FIM Motocross World Championship and will bring a further development to the sport.

In a press conference held on Sunday, May 30, at Glen Helen Raceway, Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, stated: "I think today we put the first stone of a great castle. USA is probably the biggest country in the world for Motocross, the industry is here, you have fantastic organizers and very fast racers. There has always been a rivalry with America but for the good of Motocross best is to be altogether for the good of Motocross itself. This will be good for the whole world involved in Motocross. The circuit of Glen Helen is fantastic, its classic layout is matched by top class infrastructures which can support a big event such as a Grand Prix. Today we did not only make the GP of USA: we also built the future of Motocross. Thanks to Glen Helen Raceway, its President Bud Feldkamp and the whole staff working here, they did a great job."

Bud Feldkamp, President of Glen Helen Raceway, continued: "I think it was a fantastic weekend, today was a beautiful day and a building block for Glen Helen. Who did well today was the whole Motocross community. It was our first time, we did good in some areas and less good in some others, therefore we are very excited about finding solutions to what went wrong over the weekend and making it a better event in the future. It was great to work with Youthstream and our staff provided them with all they needed."

Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, ended: "For the FIM this was an extremely important and positive weekend, which was made possible by these two men, Giuseppe Luongo and Bud Feldkamp. Youthstream shares our vision of a global World Championship and for this reason you must be present in the USA and here we are. This track is first class, I am impressed also by the overall local organization, it has contributed in making it a great event."

In an informal bet with Giuseppe Luongo, Bud Feldkamp hoped in having an American rider win this Grand Prix. Having lost the bet -Cairoli won the MX1 and Musquin the MX2- Feldkamp handed Luongo a special trophy which will be up for grabs also in the years to come and at the same conditions.


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