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Brammo is delighted to announce our Brammo Evangelist of the Year. Harry Mallin has been selected by Brammo as our top evangelist and receives an award winning Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle for his sterling efforts.

Harry, better known in EV and motorcycling circles as Brammofan, has been writing with great passion and enthusiasm about Brammo and our first electric motorcycle, the Enertia, mainly through his website but also by participation in other social media and events.

Harry was at the Infineon Raceway in his official capacity as the moderator of the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki when Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher sent out a Tweet saying Harry had won.

Harry Mallin says: "What an honor to be chosen as this year’s Brammo Evangelist of the Year. I have to say that it’s the easiest award I’ve ever won. All it required was an epiphany: we can’t continue to burn fossil fuels to get us from point A to point B. Some time after watching "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Who Killed the Electric Car," I realized that it was time to change our thinking about how we move around our world."

"About that time, I became aware of an electric motorcycle company in Ashland, Oregon, that had a motto I could get behind: Changing the World, Two Wheels at a Time. The more I investigated this company, the more I liked what I saw. The design of the bike paid respect to history, but broke new ground with an eye toward the future."

"I began "Brammofan" because the mission of the company dovetailed perfectly with my own awareness of the need to move society toward an acceptance of electric vehicles. My mission became: Make Brammo Succeed. My sense is that they are definitely headed in the right direction but that road ahead is unclear. The mission continues."

Craig Bramscher (Brammo CEO) says : "Harry has set the bar very high and we truly appreciate his dedication. The search now starts to find our next Brammo Evangelist. "

And the secret of Harry’s success in his own words… "Here’s the secret: Scour the internet for pictures, articles, videos, and ride reviews, and post them along with amusing and engaging articles. Write an average of a post a day about Brammo. I’ve written 342 posts since I began my blog about a year ago."

"Write about every new bit of information you can find on the Internet about Brammo. Write for your own amusement and don’t check your stats. People will start reading it. Twitter: Use the power of Twitter (and Facebook and anything else that comes along) to get the word out about the Enertia (and any other bike they release)."

"Craig Bramscher announced his choice for Brammo Evangelist of the Year on Twitter. It was a fitting tribute to one of the innovative philosophies of the company: embrace the power of the crowd (and social media), to get the word out about Brammo"

About Chelsea Sexton:

Chelsea Sexton is the star of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Chelsea is a wealth of information on all things EV given her positions as a senior advisor to VantagePoint Venture Partners, Plug In America’s initial Executive Director and as a consulting producer on Chris Paine’s upcoming "Revenge of the Electric Car".

About Harry Mallin:

Harry describes himself as writer, observer, and fanatic about the Brammo Enertia in particular, and about electric motorcycles in general. You can follow Harry at his Blog

About Brammo Inc :

Brammo designs and sells electric vehicles. We blend timeless design with innovative technologies that make our vehicles the first choice for eco conscious transport. Our motorcycles are designed and developed at our headquarters located in Southern Oregon. The company was founded in 2002 and is privately held.

About the Award Winning Enertia:

April, 2010 — The Edison Best New Product Awards, presented by Discovery Channel, the Brammo Enertia wins the Silver Medal in Best New Product – Transportation

"Innovation is more important now than ever," said Sarah Miller Caldicott, great grandniece of Thomas Edison, and Chairperson of the Edison Awards Steering Committee. "The Edison Award winners are the moving parts in the engine of economic growth. They inspire people to think outside the box and their results improve the lives of people around the world."


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