Ohlins USA: US Army Motorcycle Safety Day

Motorcycle Safety

Fort Knox, Kentucky: Taking part in the training of motorcycle-riding Army personnel at the US Army Armor Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Öhlins USA, together with other motorcycle industry leaders, provided on-site presentations to the soldiers.

This event, designed to enhance the safety of the enlisted-enthusiast’s riding experience, was the Fort Knox 5th Annual Motorcycle Safety Training Day. To encourage attendance, Major General James M. Milano had issued a memorandum in which he asked for, "…max turnout by our riders."

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, as promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The US Armed Forces use this annual opportunity to augment the motorcycle safety training of its personnel, at various locations around the world.

Fort Knox has between 700 and 800 registered motorcyclists at any time, who are required to follow more stringent rules than those governing the state of Kentucky, such as wearing a helmet and attending an Army-approved Motorcycle Safety Course.

At Fort Knox’s 2010 celebration of safe riding on two wheels, Mike Fitzgerald and Matthew Hickson carried the Öhlins USA flag into battle against unnecessary riding risks, taking charge of setting up the personal motorcycles of attending personnel.

Öhlins USA Road Racing Manager Fitzgerald said, "Reggie Atkins, a WERA racer and track official who is a retired tank commander, asked us to take part in this year’s training of motorcyclists at Fort Knox. We spent the whole day setting up their motorcycles, everything from Harleys to BMWs, Goldwings and sportbikes. It was great. The soldiers were so appreciative and respectful, we felt really honored. They asked us to explain what we do at Öhlins, and as I was telling them about traveling the world and working with great riders, I had to say that this was, by far, one the coolest days we’ve ever had on the job.

"You have to be proud of these soldiers. They are there for all of us. It was great having this chance to show them how to get the most fun out of their bikes. But they outdid us by showing us their M1 Abrams tanks and other impressive equipment. Capping off the day, an officer pressed a coin into our hands, giving us a memento that we’ll proudly always carry with us."

Öhlins USA distributes and services the world’s leading performance suspension for automobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs. Öhlins develops its proprietary and innovative suspension components at the highest levels of racing from open-wheel car racing, to Moto GP, to off-road competition on two and four wheels. Öhlins USA also provides training for service centers and dealers.


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