Chad Reed: It’s a Baby Boy

Chad Reed’s Son

It’s a boy! Bust out the bubbly and the cigars, "Baby TwoTwo," has finally made his way into the world. After 36 intense hours of labor, Ellie and the Supercross star Chad Reed have welcomed the arrival of their son Tate.

Baby Tate or "TwoTwo", as he has been aptly nicknamed after his infamous father’s racing number, has been a much anticipated delivery from the stork. As "Reedy" has made a recent return to racing in the AMA Supercross series, including this past weekend in Seattle, it was definitely a gamble that his wife might go into labor while he was away.

Ellie wrote on her husband’s MX website, "Chad leaves for Seattle nervous and hoping that our baby boy will wait till he gets home again! Or he is hoping for a long labor that gives him time to make it back from Seattle! Such a male…So we wait "patiently"?…. as patiently as we can, for 2 people who live in the fast lane, hate waiting in lines and live on a schedule pretty much year round due to race commitments! haha!"

While the latest addition to the Reed family did indeed wait for his father to get home, Ellie chose an all-natural birth plan. Opting for a birth center, she did without the interventions, epidurals and also did not have her pregnancy induced. The new mother deserves some serious kick-ass kudos.

So congratulations to the Reed family, as both mother and son are healthy and well. I suspect we’ll be seeing the little Reed on the track any day now.