Robbie Maddison: Best FMX Rider 2009

FMX Awards

The worldwide FMX scene voted Robbie Maddison as the Best International FMX Rider in 2009. The Australian FMX athlete was also nominated for the FMX Awards in the category "Best Australian FMX Rider" and made it on top of the Aussie riders as well.

For the first time in FMX Awards history the users had the chance to vote for the Best American, Best African and Best Asian FMX Rider. Jeremy Stenberg won the category "Best American FMX Rider", Alastair Sayer "Best African FMX Rider" and Eigo Sato "Best Asian FMX Rider".

Remi Bizouard, winner of the NIGHT of the JUMPs/FIM Freestyxle MX World Championship series has been voted for the Best European FMX Rider of the Year. Levi Sherwood is Best International FMX Rookie 2009 and Petr Pilat is Europe's Rookie of the year. This year the users choice for Best German FMX Rider went to Fabian Bauersachs. Gemany's Rookie of the Year is Kai Haase.

The users choice for the best FMX Event/Series felt to the Red Bull X-Fighters followed by the NIGHT of the JUMPs series. Best FMX Bike 2009 was the KTM 250. Finally Travis Pastrana ruled the categories Best Riders Website and the Best Trick Innovation with his 360 Backflip.

The FMX Awards were established in 2006 by Berlinièros Sports Agency to honor the world's best Freestyle Motocross riders. Annually it awards FMX competitors who have been outstanding during the previous year.

There was a two-part voting process to find the winners: Firstly, a Selection Panel of FMX experts and leading FMX editors, writers and broadcasters from several countries voted to create a shortlist of max. five nominations in each category.

2009 the expert group consisted of Jason Moriarty (FMX Judge, Pro Rider), Jimmy Verburgh (FMX4Ever), Jose Gaspar (, Jörg Hotzel (IFMXF - NIGHT of the JUMPs), Oliver Franke (Berlinièros Sports Agency), Marek Rejman (GSMA, Gladiator Games), Marko Manthey (IFMXF - NIGHT of the JUMPs), Ryan Leba (FMX-Blog - ESPN), Marko Roth (Wrecking Crew, FMX Judge), Soeren Sellmer (IFMXF - NIGHT of the JUMPs), Wolfgang Brandt (motoX/Germany) and Tobias Hannig (

In the second voting process every user of the had the chance to vote for his/her favorites. Here are the winners in the 14 categories:

Category - Winner:
Best International FMX Rider - Robbie Maddison (AUS)
Best European FMX Rider - Remi Bizouard (FRA)
Best American FMX Rider - Jeremy Stenberg (USA)
Best Australian FMX Rider - Robbie Maddison (AUS)
Best African FMX Rider - Alastair Sayer (BOT)
Best Asian FMX Rider - Eigo Sato (JAP)
Best German FMX Rider - Fabian Bauersachs (GER)
Best International FMX Rookie - Levi Sherwood (NZL)
Best European FMX Rookie - Petr Pilat (CZE)
Best German FMX Rookie - Kai Haase (GER)
Best FMX Series / Event - X-Fighters
Best FMX Bike - KTM 250
Best Trick Innovation - 360 Backflip / Travis Pastrana (USA)
Best FMX Riders Website -


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