Assen Friday: Triumph ParkinGO Racing

1st Qualifying

Fabrizio Perotti was the fastest in day 1 of ParkinGO European Series at Assen. The Italian rider was followed by Torcolacci and Rovelli, a trio who makes up the provisional front row just as they did at Valencia.

However, not everything is decided yet as tomorrow Dutch experienced Supersport rider Arie Vos, who could not take part in today’s session and Italian Roadster Cup champion Franco Zenatello, who today finished fifth, will battle for the front row as well.

The second row is made up of Matteo Marzotto, Samuela De Nardi and Lucio Nicastro.

Twelfth fastest time for wild card and former Torino and A.S. Roma footballer "Tarzan" Annoni, who was followed by "flying" correspodent DJ Ringo.

Fabrizio Perotti (1st) says: "I raced here in the world championship, it’s a very fast track which fits my style. I hope to do just as well tomorrow".

Alessandro Torcolacci (2nd) says: "I’m aiming for the pole position tomorrow. It was my very first time at Assen and it was an unique feeling".

Giuliano Rovelli (3rd) says: " Assen is the most beautiful track I’ve ever raced on and its big corners really go with my riding style. Perotti and Vos are favourites for the pole position but I’ll be battling for it as well".

Toni Salom (4th) says: "Although I didn’t know the track, I was fast right away, but if I am to remain in the front row, I’ll have to be careful with Zenatello. The atmosphere here at the ParkinGO Series is very relaxed but once the helmet is on, the battle is on… " .

Qualifying 1st Session:

1 43 Perotti F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’48.770
2 77 Torcolacci A. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’49.716
3 23 Rovelli G. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’49.806
4 25 Salom T. (ESP) Street Triple R 1’50.596
5 47 Zenatello F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’50.762
6 33 Marzotto M. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’53.026
7 84 De Nardi S. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’54.039
8 19 Nicastro C. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’55.634
9 7 Blumetti P. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’58.009
10 93 Mariage F. (FRA) Street Triple R 1’59.383
11 73 Rovelli P. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’00.588
12 9 Annoni E. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’01.119
13 1 Anaclerio R. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’09.640


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