Austin to Jump Airplane on XR-750 Motorcycle

XR-750 Daredevil

Unbelievable as it sounds a man will attempt to jump a motorcyle over an airplane this fall on live television in the United States setting a Guinness Book of World Records. His name TJ Austin.

There is something to be said about those dare devils on motorcycles in the times gone by. Great men who race board tracking, speedways, superbikes, X-Games, none far greater or more famous than Evil Knievel.

But one man Hollywood Actor, Stuntman, Athlete "TJ AUSTIN" will be that man. With a new television show called "Do or Die" that will follow Tj in training for these incredible motorcycle stunts, building odf the bikes, preparations of stunts, meetings with sponsors, all leading up to the LIVE FEED of the stunt.

As out of a comic book or a flash from the past Austin intends to use the Harley-Davidson XR-750’s like Evil Knievel did to make his immortal jumps that may prove to be his last. These incredible stunts will be seen coming this fall to new media. We are told the group is working hard to aquire Sir Richard Bransons, help and support in using one of Virgin Airlines 747’s as the plane of choice to jump over.

Our best to this incredible man of statute, bravery, and poise. Aussie American Actor, Stuntman, Athlete TJ Austin.


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