Carlsbad USGP: 1980 | The Movie

Carlsbad USGP: 1980

Todd Huffman, producer of the popular Motocross Files television series, is in the final stages of wrapping up his latest and perhaps most important project of his career: Carlsbad USGP:1980: The Movie.

The movie will premier on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at the historic 1,500-seat Spreckels Theatre located in the heart of downtown San Diego. The premiere will be exactly 30 years to the day of Marty Moates historic ride that took place on June 22, 1980.

Huffman and his Fullerton, CA based production staff at Pipeline Digital Media have labored for the past two years on the documentary movie that documents a significant milestone in American motorcycle competition.

The movie also chronicles the coming of age for a young San Diego privateer motocross racer, Marty Moates. The fact that a virtual unknown like Marty became the first American to ever defeat the all-conquering European racers really adds impact to the story.

"I have had a great opportunity to work with the legends and heroes of motocross racing while making this film and I can’t think of any project that I’ve ever been more excited to share with an audience," said Huffman.

"The annual Carlsbad USGP (United States Grand Prix) races were legendary. When you consider that a local rider like Marty Moates goes out and beats the fastest, most talented riders on the planet aboard his privateer Yamaha, you begin to appreciate just how special the story is."

The USGP in Carlsbad ran from 1973-1986. It was televised live on ABC TV’s Wide World Of Sports program and became the most-watched motorcycle race in history. "1980 was the heyday for American motorcycling, dirtbikes and motocross racing and thanks to ABC and the Wide World of Sports, the USGP became an incredible spectator event that every racer wanted to claim," Huffman added.

"San Diego has always had a huge motorcycle community, then and now, producing world champion riders like Marty Tripes, Broc Glover, Ricky Johnson, Marty Smith, Ron Lechien and many others," Huffman said. "In fact, we already have a number of confirmations from many of these heroes who will be at the premier, even if it means flying across the country, from Europe or beyond. June 22nd at the Spreckels is going to be an amazing night."

One of those eager to revisit the past is the legendary Promoter of those classics, Gavin Trippe. "Anyone who didn’t get to see these epic battles and the amazing coverage ABC shot, this is a historic moment frozen in time, even for myself. Marty’s spectacular win sent the fans crazy that day!"

Tickets for the Carlsbad USGP:1980: The Movie premier are $20 each or $30 per pair. A commemorative 1980 USGP program is even included with the ticket price.


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