Dunlop new Sportmax D211 GP-A | Video

Sportmax D211 Video

The new Dunlop Sportmax D211 GP-A follows the Sportmax D211 GP made in the UK, and utilizes the highly successful N-TEC as its foundation. N-TEC is a special hybrid construction that optimizes the benefits of compliant cut-breaker construction and stiffer jointless band (JLB) construction.

Developed in the Dunlop UK race shop and on numerous racing circuits since 2003, the proven, state-of-the-art production technology responsible for the N-TEC is now online at the company’s facility in Buffalo, New York, which also happens to be the only motorcycle tire manufacturing plant in the U.S.

The next-gen N-TEC machine in Buffalo is the same basic design and technology as the UK-based machine, yet it is capable of building even more sizes and shapes of tires to meet current and future needs as motorcycle designs evolve.

Dunlop’s N-TEC construction first appeared on early rear-tire prototypes late in the 2003 AMA pro season. Improvements continued throughout 2005 and 2006, and by the beginning of 2007 Dunlop was providing N-TEC tires to all of its supported factory and satellite teams, as well as privateer riders.

Success was pervasive and Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has dominated the podiums and collected all four titles that year. 2008 was another stellar season, and the company’s record of achievement played a significant role in the selection of Dunlop as the sole tire supplier for AMA Pro Racing in 2009, 2010 and beyond. For more information on Dunlop motorcycles tires click here.


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