Paola Cazzola… ‘Valentino Rossi in Pink’

Paola Cazzola

What motorcycle racing fan wouldn't want to know more about someone titled the "Valentino Rossi in Pink"? Although she may not be that well-known worldwide (not yet, anyway), Italians will immediately recognize the woman we're speaking of, Paola Cazzola.

The 32-year-old woman from Vicenza, Italy, is now a part of moto-racing history; she has become the first female ride to compete full-time in World Supersport competition. She was signed to Kuja Racing for the 2010 season, racing alongside fellow Italian Danilo Dell'Omo.

For the first two WSS rounds this year, Cazzola has piloted her No. 33 CBR 600RR to a 16th-place in at Portimao, and 14th at Phillip Island. Not bad for a rookie who's learning the tracks...Cazzola is familiar with Assen and the Italian tracks, but as for the rest of them, she's learning them like many motorcycle racers do nowadays - through PlayStation or Xbox.

Cazzola recently commented on being the first women to compete: "Yes, I will be the first woman to take part in a whole season, and I'm proud to be able to participate," she told "I'm the most victorious Italian female rider, I hope to be able to be a worthy representative for the female sex and open up the doors of this sport to more women."

Her racing history highlights why she was picked for World Supersport competition. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, Cazzola won the Italian's Woman Championship, was the first woman to win a race in the R6 Metzeler Cup, with a victory at Valleglunga Circuit near Rome.


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