Rockstar Suzuki rocks Daytona

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Rockstar Makita Suzuki again made its way to the podium in both the Supercross and the Eastern Regional Lites classes at the Daytona round of racing. With both Ryan Dungey and Austin Stroupe nabbing the second spots in their races, the team is making its intentions to win championships abundantly clear.

Dungey put together 20 fast laps in the Supercross main event after winning his heat race. Dungey came out of the gate third and had his work cut out for him trying to pass his way into the top spot. By the end of the phenomenal race, on the track designed by Ricky Carmichael, Dungey crossed the finish line in second and holds tight to his lead in the overall points standing.

Ryan Dungey Speaks…

“I felt great, but I needed to get a little bit of a better start,” Dungey said. “I felt great, the team did a great job, and we have a great setup, but I came up a little short. Fitness-wise and bike setup-wise, I felt awesome.”

In the highly competitive Eastern Regional Lites class, two riders have been dominate this season and one of them is Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Austin Stroupe. Stroupe got the holeshot in the Lites main event and battled for the entire 15-lap race to stay out front. Stroupe ended up getting second, which places him securely in the second spot in points for the class.

Austin Stroupe Speaks…

“I felt good; it was a tough track but I rode to another second place,” Stroupe said. “It’s getting a little old, but hey, I’d rather be here than DNFing. I’m building on a lot of things I’ve lacked the last two years, so the team is helping me and we’re working together. I’m ready to race every weekend.”

A new addition to the team, Ryan Morais, has been added to race the RM-Z450 in the Supercross class. Morais is contesting the Western Regional Lites class, but on the East Coast races he’ll be aboard the fuel-injected 450. In his first Supercross-class race of the season, Morais battled a few early-race mishaps to finish 10th.

Ryan Morais Speaks…

“Daytona is always a tough race and I wanted to come out of this race safe and in the top 10,” Morais said. “I feel like I could’ve done better, but I’ll build off of it and get better from here on out.”

Look for Rockstar Makita Suzuki to be perched on top of the podium next week when the series travels to Toronto.

Supercross Class Results
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan M Dungey
3. Trey G Canard
4. Kevin W Windham
5. David D Millsaps
6. Thomas K Hahn
7. Nicholas A Wey
8. Kyle P Chisholm
9. Joshua R Hill
10. Ryan Morais
11. Jarred Jet Browne
12. Michael Byrne
13. Matt Boni
14. Jason W Thomas
15. Manuel Rivas
16. Heath D Voss
17. Chris Blose
18. Justin D Brayton
19. Ivan Tedesco
20. Grant Langston

Supercross Class Overall Top 10
1. Ryan Dungey 192
2. Ryan Villopoto 172
3. Joshua Hill 162
4. David Millsaps 150
5. Kevin Windham 131
6. Justin Brayton 124
7. Ivan Tedesco 117
8. Nicholas Wey 99
9. Kyle Chisholm 82
10. Michael Byrne 80

Eastern Regional Lites Class
1. Christophe Pourcel
2. Austin L Stroupe
3. Dean A Wilson
4. Blake Baggett
5. Justin L Barcia
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Brett Metcalfe
8. Darryn L Durham
9. Kyle B Cunningham
10. Martin Davalos
11. Vince A Friese
12. Alex J Martin
13. Nico A Izzi
14. James A Decotis
15. Josh M Lichtle
16. Jake Moss
17. Troy K Adams
18. Kyle D Keylon
19. Michael L Willard
20. Levi Kilbarger

Eastern Regional Lites Overall Top 10
1. Christophe Pourcel 75
2. Austin Stroupe 66
3. Dean Wilson 53
4. Brett Metcalfe 50
5. Blake Baggett 44
6. Justin Barcia 39
7. Ryan Sipes 39
8. Nico Izzi 30
9. Vince Friese 29
10. Jake Moss 27


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