Suzuki infiltrates 2010 AMA Superbike


SBK Race Report

Suzuki dominated the opening race of the AMA Pro SuperBike series in Daytona Beach, Fla., as 7 of the top 10 riders in the class raced aboard GSX-R1000s. Suzuki landed in the top two spots with Jordan Suzuki’s Jake Zemke taking top honors, while Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Tommy Hayden took second.

The top five riders, four of whom were on GSX-R1000s, finished the close race within a few tenths of a second. Over the course of the 44-mile race, the rider out front of the pack changed six times and Suzuki led 13 of the 15 total laps.

Racing continues tomorrow in the SuperBike class, and look for the championship-winning Suzuki GSX-R1000 to be at the front of the pack again.

2010 Daytona Superbike Race 1 Results
1. Jake Zemke (Suzuki)
2. Tommy Hayden (Suzuki) +0.238
3. Larry Pegram (Ducati) +0.259
4. Aaron Yates (Suzuki) +0.291
5. Blake Young (Suzuki) +0.307
6. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki) +27.398
7. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki) +27.43
8. Shawn Higbee (Ducati) +1 lap
9. Shane Narbonne (Suzuki) +9.078
10. Barrett Long (Ducati) +16.377
11. Chris Clark (Yamaha) +16.427
12. Eric Haugo (Suzuki) +16.989
13. Josh Hayes (Yamaha) +01:14.2
14. Johnny Rock Page (Suzuki) +01:23.2
15. Eric Pinson (BMW) +01:43.2
16. Trent Gibson (Suzuki) +01:43.3
17. Skip Salenius (Suzuki) +1 lap
18. Ben Bostrom (Yamaha)
19. Jeffrey Tigert (Honda) +6 laps
20. Brett McCormick (Suzuki) +10 laps
21. David Anthony (Suzuki) +14 laps
22. Scott Jensen (Suzuki) DNF


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