Jake Weimer does Phoenix Supercross Lites right

Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer won for the second straight week in the Supercross Lites class, this time in dramatic fashion as he took the lead with just a little more than one lap to go at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. His teammate Josh Hansen rocketed out to the main event hole shot, but crashed in the second corner. After a stop in the mechanics area, Hansen rejoined the race and finished 20th.

Jake Weimer’s race didn’t start the way he wanted, but a late race charge moved him from a podium position to the top of the box. In the final four laps, Weimer moved from third to first to secure his second win of the 2010 season.

On the slippery track in Phoenix, Weimer had to pick his spots to make passes. As the laps were winding down, Weimer stayed patient and took advantage of every opportunity to get into the lead.

Jake Weimer Speaks…

"At the beginning of the race I was excited and got my heart rate really high. I was missing my lines and it was a tough track. Once Morais got by me, I just tucked in on his rear fender and we both got up to Wharton. At one point I thought maybe I could get second, and as the race progressed I started hitting good lines and I knew I could get the win."

"It looked like Morais was a little quicker than Wharton. I thought he would make a move. Usually when two people are pretty close in speed, when one of them makes a pass they both usually slow down. So I knew I would have a chance to at least move up one spot. I ran Morais up high on the berm and just squared up the turn to take the lead."

Josh Hansen showed he had the speed to win, setting the fastest lap time in practice, winning his heat race and even grabbing the hole shot in the main event. A small mistake sent him crashing off the track.

Josh Hansen Speaks…

"I tripled into the first rhythm section and came up short. A couple of guys came up on me, but I was still in the lead. I just tucked the front wheel and it jabbed me in the stomach and flipped me over the bars. That was pretty much the end of my race. I still went out and did some laps, but my race was over on the first lap. I was fastest in practice and I won my heat race. I think I should have won the main, so I was kind of bummed out. I did have a good day today, the main just didn’t go my way."

The next Supercross Lites race will be at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California on January 23rd. 


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