2010 eCRP 1.0 | Electric Superbike

Electric Superbike

The Italian electric superbike, the eCRP 1.0 is no longer a secret. The Right Honorable Lord Drayson, UK Minister for Science and Innovation, unveiled the super sports motorcycle built by CRP Racing and launched for the first time at the Motorsports Industry Association (MIA) Green Conference in Birmingham, UK.

CRP Racing unveiled its ground-breaking motorcycle, in terms of innovative technology, in the UK with the Minister of State for Science and Innovation. The event was supported by the UK Department for Trade & Investment (UKTI) whose aim is to promote business exchanges between UK companies and international companies. This has been demonstrated with the project of the bike eCRP 1.0, where the UK-based company, TTXGP, has collaborated with the Italian company CRP Racing.

The eCRP 1.0 will be the first Italian bike that can be bought by teams that want to be part of the TTXGP, the world's first zero carbon, clean emission motorcycle race series. It was a momentous occasion for CRP: Franco Cevolini, Livia Cevolini and Giampiero Testoni, were invited to be on stage together with UK Minister, Lord Drayson, Azhar Hussain, founder of TTXGP and Chris Aylett, Chief Executive of the MIA.

Azhar Hussain Speaks...

"CRP is a company with rooted Italian motorsport heritage, spanning generations and across the spectrum of top flight world championships. We welcome their expertise, focus and enthusiasm for TTXGP with a brilliant product like the eCRP1.0."

"Given the pedigree of eCRP1.0 and its availability to any team to run in all the TTXGP Championships, 2010 promises to be a thrilling and exciting launch for the next generation of motorsport. Be part of it!"

There is no project without a mind...and in this case the mind behind the project of the electric motorcycle is CRP that has translated into reality an idea of eco-friendly motorsport thanks to its heritage and knowledge in the sector, writing a new chapter in the history of motorsport.

There were different statements from the personalities and authorities that took part to the event, who have appreciate the commitment of the Italian company.

Livia Cevolini Speaks...

"It was very important for us to be here and to have attracted the attention of UK decision-makers, represented on this occasion by UK Minister Lord Drayson and this has made me very proud and we really hope this project will be seen as engagement to make the world a better place to live."

eCRP 1.0 represents the Italian style and design with a strong "racing" look, easy to handle for its dimensions and shape, whose colours remind the Italian flag with the aim to promote that values that have made the made-in-Italy a unique and distinctive character.

The key of CRP success has to be found in perpetuating involvement in research and development that the chairman and technical director Franco Cevolini has supported first of all carrying out the study of new technologies and materials (for example the Windform range), making CRP an example of Italian excellence in the field of innovation at international level.

The culture of doing, the development of new ideas and the willing of realizing them, are at the base of this company whose roots have to be found in the Italian MotorValley.



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