2010 Dakar injury update

Meanwhile at the halfway mark in the 2010 Dakar, race organizers released the following updates on injured competitors:

#31: Luca Manca is still under observation at the Clinica de la Mutual of Santiago. His condition is stable and he should have another scan on Monday.

#53: André Lenoble, victim of a tibia fracture, was taken back to Rennes.

#253: Hubert Deltrieu, victim of a thoracic trauma and a spinal trauma without a neurological risk, left the hospital of La Rioja to go to Cordoba. He will be taken to Buenos Aires and should return to Paris on Monday, January 11.

#309: Miroslav Zapletal went through surgery after suffering a spinal fracture. Surgery went well and his state of health is satisfactory.

#312: Mauricio José Neves, victim of a thoracic trauma, fracturing several ribs, left the intensive care unit of the Antofagasta Hospital where he continues to be treated.


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