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Motorcycle Expedition

For the last 30 years Edelweiss Bike Travel has operated exciting and creative motorcycle tours, first in the European Alps and then expanding to all five continents.

But now the Edelweiss team in Mieming, Austria has come up with an unbeatable global motorcycle ride that will certainly be a dream for most motorcyclists.

A motorcycle tour around our entire globe on a path that includes all five continents! For Edelweiss’ 30th anniversary, company founder Werner Wachter is putting a gigantic project on two wheels, something that has never been done before now.

The expedition starts on November 14, 2010 at the company’s headquarters in Mieming in the middle of Tyrol’s Alps. First we ride to Paris, France and then south to Dakar, Senegal. This first section runs for 5 weeks and crosses the Sahara (on paved roads).

From here man/woman and machine are flown to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This second section runs through most of South America, ending in Bogota, Columbia after 9 weeks. After crossing the Panama Canal the third section heads up to Los Angeles. It’s only 5 weeks!

After the flight across the Pacific Ocean, Australia is waiting, where we’ll ride 7,000 miles in 4 weeks: Fitness and endurance will help!

The fifth and last section from Beijing, China to Mieming, Austria covers most of Asia from east to west and a large part of Europe. On July 20, 2011 it’s time to celebrate the return of the expedition team in the Alps!

This extraordinary run will be operated in cooperation with Kevin and Julia Sanders of GlobeBusters, who hold the Guinness Book record for the fastest circumnavigation of our Earth on a motorcycle!

Wachter says, "We’ll take about 10 times longer and will enjoy this expedition all the way. Our aim is to see the gigantic differences in the cultures of the different nations, to experience the societies at close range, and witness the super fast development of our ‘earth community.’"

When we first presented this extraordinary tour idea to some fellow riders, of course their reaction was, "Wow, it looks great, I would like to do it, but I cannot because…"

The reasons were numerous and covered time, money, family, career, risks, riding ability and many more. Yes, there are a lot of reasons not to do what you really want to, not just this dream tour but for many of our dreams. But think of this as a unique opportunity: Discover our Earth by motorcycle with a group of like-minded riders. This planet is all we have, it is marvellous, it is beautiful, even dangerous. Yet we cannot go further at this time – the Moon by motorcycle is 30 years away and other planets, other solar systems – who knows?

"Everyone who wants to live this dream, is a good rider who also has some off-road experience and has nothing planned between November 14, 2010 and July 20, 2011, should get in touch with us, it will be truly unique!" Wachter declared! Complete, detailed information about the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION can be downloaded at: www.edelweissbike.com.


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