Husqvarna update on World Enduro

Following up on the heels of their 1-1 sweep of the World Enduro Championship rounds in Mexico City, the CH Racing Husqvarna Team continues to dominate as Enduro 1 class pilot Antoine Meo scored another double-victory in Serres, Greece. Meo turned in his best ever WEC performance by blitzing the E1 class by a wide margin both days. The Frenchman on his Husqvarna TE250 was clearly the fastest racer both days, making a minimum of mistakes on the event's demanding special tests. Mirroring Meo's good results, fellow Husqvarna rider Seb Guillaume came close to topping the Enduro 3 class on day one and claimed podium finishes on both days.

For many riders the opening day of the penultimate round of the WEC series proved extremely challenging. The blistering heat combined with the dry and dusty conditions cooked many competitor's chances. However a cool, calm and collected Meo made it look relatively simple as he racked up special test win after special test win. Posting the fastest time of any rider during the Friday night Super Test, Meo also recorded the fastest E1 class time through the first seven tests on day one. By day's end, Meo won all but one special test, finishing with more than a one-minute lead ahead of Finland's Mika Ahola. "I think I surprised Mika with my speed on day one," says Meo. "I pushed hard from the start and never stopped pushing hard throughout the day."

On day two Meo showed equal domination. He quickly moved to the top of the E1 class, setting a blistering pace unmatched by any other rider in any class. Another flawless performance saw Meo ending day two with a 40-second lead and a well-deserved win. "I'm really, really happy with my results and performances," says the elated Frenchman. "This win means much more to me than my first victory in Mexico. I felt that I was really the fastest rider here!"

According to Antoine, he expected more of a fight from Ahola, but it never materialized. "On day two I was expecting Mika to fight back a little more, but I guess he is thinking about the championship now. Anyway, I pushed hard and again, from the start of the day, I was faster than him. I was the fastest overall rider on both days, which is great for everyone within the team."

The sudden turn of speed comes from complete confidence in the bike, claims Meo. "I feel really, really confident with my bike now. Competing in the first indoor EnduroCross race in the United States a few weeks ago really opened my eyes - I saw just how fast it was possible to go! Since then I have been working hard on all aspects of my racing." Next for Meo is an opportunity to compete at home as the WEC series heads for a final round in France - an event that he is now favored to win.

World Enduro Championship Grand Prix of Greece - Enduro 1

1. Antoine Meo
2. Mika Ahola
3. Julien Gauthier
4. Eero Remes

World Enduro Championship Grand Prix of Greece - Enduro 3

1. Ivan Cervantes
2. Christophe Nambotin
3. Sebastien Guillaume
4. Marco Tarkkala
5. Marcus Kehr


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