SuperMoto X DVD released worldwide

There is nothing more thrilling than when the pavement meets the dirt aboard a motorcycle. This latest release from First Turn Films packs in 40 minutes of tire-sliding, backing-it-in intense supermoto action.

Supermoto is a unique mix of motocross, road racing and flat track and has created an amazing sport that is equally exciting both on the street and on the track.

SuperMoto X is a journey that meanders through twists and turns into the world of supermoto and leaves long, thin-arched rubber marks all over the Western United States.

The voyage is a bounty of clips venturing through the hotbed of California racing via the STTARS and Supermoto USA racing series all the way to the XTRM AMA Pro Racing Supermoto Championship. This escapade also peers into racing, street riding through Malibu Canyon aboard a Ducati Hypermotard and an amazing climb to 14,000 feet at the greatest and most challenging race in America.

If this DVD doesn't open your eyes to the exciting world of supermoto or make the seasoned enthusiast want to break out their bike and go for a ride, then go see a doctor because something is wrong!

The DVD sells for $24.95 but SMR is offering the new film for $21.99 plus a few bucks for shipping/handling. Order online at



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