2010 Cerberus Inferno V8 three wheeler

Sabertooth, manufacturer of the popular V8 wildCat, builds one hot trike. Sabertooth Motorcycles is pleased to announce the advent of its new trike division, Cerberus Trikes. The inaugural model, the Inferno, is wrapping up development and set to hit the streets later this year.

"Enthusiasts have been asking us for years to build a trike," said Dr. Ben Daniels, owner of Sabertooth and Cerberus. "The three-wheeled trend is definitely growing and we aim to have the most sought-after trike on the market."

Based on the popular V8 Sabertooth WildCat, the Cerberus Inferno boasts a 302 cubic inch Ford Racing engine that puts out 350 horsepower and 340 foot pounds of torque. An optional 550 hp, 427 ci. Dart Ford aluminum block engine is also available. Other standard features include Electromotive Electronic Fuel Injection with distributorless ignition, a Ford 4-Speed Automatic Transmission with reverse, and a fully independent rear suspension.


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