RS Taichi Racer Support Program Kicks into Gear

The United States Grand Prix Racers Union (USGPRU) is pleased to announce the addition of RS-Taichi to the existing Moto Liberty 250GP class sponsorship.

RS-Taichi and Moto Liberty have joined forces to provide the strongest support package that the middle-weight class has seen in many years. A combination of purse payouts for the race winners, free RS-Taichi leathers and gloves, as well as RS-Taichi helmet removal devices for the entire USGPRU membership makes for a top-notch support program for 2009.

In order to kick off this program right, Moto Liberty and RS-Taichi wanted to know what racers would do for $1000+ of free product. The first place response came from Don Roberts, a USGPRU regular and the Utah SBA director of competition. Don will receive a brand new set of RS-Taichi GP-WRX R300 race leathers. A close second place prize goes to Dan Qualtire, who will be awarded a new set of RS-Taichi GP-WRX race gloves.

Don’s enthusiastic and unorthodox response propelled him to the front of the pack. After he dances a jig or two, he promised that he, "would post on all of the boards that I frequent detailing the outstanding support the sponsor is providing the USGPRU and the racing community." The rest of his response was not suitable for mixed company.

Audrey’s Menarik of Moto Liberty also liked Don¹s response the best as it demonstrated his willingness to go beyond the normal stickers on the bike and trailer. Racers need to, ³find some other way to promote their sponsors. These days, an easy way for a racer to get PR for sponsors is viamessage boards and other Internet related methods of PR.

So congratulations to Don and Dan, we hope you enjoy your new gear. And welcome to RS-Taichi, we thank you for your support of the USGPRU! 

RS Taichi, who is well known world-wide for their race leathers, as contracted with Moto Liberty to expand sales of their street apparel through more dealer channels across the USA. Their extensive line includes not just
suits, but leather and textile jackets in Euro sizes as well as an array of other street gear including gloves and undergarments for cold and hot weather. Please see for a list of current dealers or contact Moto Liberty at for more information.

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