2009 Confederate B120 Wraith | Custom Motorcycle

Handcrafted Luxury

Confederate Motor Company, the American design company that created the prestigious Hellcat, announces the release of the revolutionary radial twin B120 Wraith, according to chief executive officer and founder Matt Chambers.

According to Chambers, Confederate chose the pre-1916 era of motoring and the courageous free spirited nature of the board track racer as the inspirational starting point of the Wraith. Conceived in the spirit of celebrating art and built with the motivation of creating an unparalleled riding experience, the B120 Wraith is the premiere luxury sport vehicle.

The B120 Wraith features:

  • The world's first triple load path carbon fiber Monocoque chassis design, providing world leading torsion and bend rigidity, with extreme light weight
  • The world's first carbon fiber multi-link double wishbone front suspension, which virtually eliminates stiction, while perfecting geometry, enhancing rigidity and providing more accurate engaging steeringfeel with a smoother, more luxurious ride
  • Light weight single-sided aluminum rear suspension
  • Multi-adjustable Penske titanium coil over shock dampeners
  • The patented Confederate close ratio, vertically stacked five speed transmission with output shaft bearing support at the swing arm pivot, the industry's smoothest and most robust gearset
  • Counter balanced 120 cubic inch 45° radial twin power, combining the world's leading torque toweight ratio with linear smooth operation from off idle to maximum RPM

"As Brough Superior, Vincent and Crocker most connected emotionally to the Hellcat, the 1911 Pierce would
illuminate what the Wraith would be," Chambers said, "which is, quite simply, the world's most luxurious, sporting two-wheeled device." The B120 Wraith is handcrafted at the Confederate Motor Company facilities in Birmingham, Ala. Only 250 B-series Wraiths will be created. Currently, 176 opportunities for ownership remain.

Founded in 1991 in Baton Rouge, Confederate Motor Company designs and handcrafts limited series built
uncompromised motorcycles for the motoring connoisseur and aficionado. The creative team at Confederate has
adopted a minimalist, holistic, avant guard design imperative. Their goal is to be on the cutting edge of an exciting, innovative and relevant American design initiative. Confederate Motor Company is located in Birmingham, Alabama. For additional information on Confederate Motor Company, the Hellcat or the Wraith, please visit www.confederate.com.



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