2008 Orange County Chopper Intel Bike | QuickShift

Custom choppers can be brawny, bold and charismatic, but rarely are they smart. Intending to inject technology into the genre, Intel commissioned a one-off bike to celebrate 30 years of involvement in the embedded computing business.

Built by Orange County Choppers (OCC), this low-slung steed complements radical mechanical engineering with electronics found in point-of-sale devices, ATMs, and medical equipment. On the nuts and bolts side, a 214 cu in, 250 hp, V-quad powerplant was built by Nelson Engineering as a symbolic nod to Intel’s Quad-Core Xeon processor. The engine melds two V-twins together, one of which is oriented to fire in reverse. A custom bottom end unites the assembly. (Click image to enlarge)

Intel logos are carved into the massive chromed wheels, but the bike’s most uniquely crafted aspect is its nerve center. Utilizing a ruggedized switchback unit manufactured by Black Diamond, the unit consists of a fully functioning PC that runs both Windows and Linux. The touch screen incorporates speedometer, turn signal, and GPS functions, while a rear-facing camera display eliminates the need for conventional mirrors. Keyless engine start occurs through fingerprint recognition, and the system also boasts wireless internet access, Bluetooth, and a complete infotainment system operated by a removable QWERTY keyboard.






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