2024 Denver Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips [8 Fast Facts]

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty in the 2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series. Two rounds remain, so we can start talking about what it will take to clinch the title. However, that’s getting ahead of ourselves, as we still need to beat our friends in RMFantasySX.com leagues. The penultimate round awaits our attention at Empower Field at Mile High, so let’s get to our 2024 Denver Supercross fantasy picks and tips.

2024 Denver Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Jett Lawrence
Jett Lawrence.
  1. Jett Lawrence is back on a roll, and he looks unstoppable. You can pick someone else to win in Denver, but everything points to another Lawrence victory. Lawrence has two wins in a row; he’s the only rider with consecutive wins in 2024 and has done it twice. It has been an impressive rookie Supercross season for the Australian.
2024 Denver Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Chase Sexton
Chase Sexton leads Justin Cooper in the sand.
  1. Chase Sexton is your best bet for P2. Sexton has three P2s in the last five rounds. While he’s not likely to challenge Lawrence, Sexton has the best speed of the rest of the field. The defending Supercross Champion has a bit of motivation, as he is still not mathematically eliminated from winning the title. However, his chances of repeating his late-season heroics last year are extremely low.
2024 Denver Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb.
  1. Don’t look for better than P3 for Cooper Webb. Although most observers expected two-time Supercross Champion Webb to step it up against the rookie as the season closes, the opposite has happened. In the two races since Webb and Lawrence were tied for the lead, Lawrence has won twice and Webb has gone 3-4. Even worse, Webb surrendered a podium spot on the final lap last week in Philadelphia. With the pressure reduced—Webb sits 12 points behind Lawrence—Webb should ride loose enough to land a podium finish. I’m picking Webb for P3, but I’m not all that confident.
Jason Anderson.
  1. Jason Anderson is on a 4-4-3 tear. It’s too little too late, as the former Supercross Champion is mathematically eliminated from the title chase. Still, Anderson is looking good. With a more relaxed Webb, expect Anderson to challenge for the podium, but not quite make it.

    Eli Tomac, Yamaha.
    Eli Tomac.
  2. It should be another top-five for Eli Tomac, but don’t expect more, even at his home race. The two-time Supercross Champion is hard to predict. Tomac has only three top-five finishes in the last seven rounds, though one was a win and another a P2 result. Regardless, Tomac’s eight top-fives this year puts him well ahead of anyone still riding, outside of the four riders I’ve picked to beat him. If you’re looking for a dark horse pick for a win, Tomac is it, as he surely wants to win at home. If he gets a holeshot, it might happen. If Tomac starts outside of the top three, a win is improbable.
Hunter Lawrence. Honda CRF450R.
Hunter Lawrence.
  1. The Wild Card is P7, and four riders are in the mix, and one clear favorite. My choice is Hunter Lawrence, as he enters Empower Field with three P7s in a row—you can’t beat that consistency. Justin Cooper has been in the P7 neighborhood for most of the year, though he has four P8s and just one P7. Justin Barcia has gone 9-8-9-6-11-5-6 over the last seven rounds. There’s no P7 in there, but he’s been within one spot three times. Finally, you have Malcolm Stewart. P7 is Stewart’s best finish this year, and he’s done it twice. Stewart also has a pair of P8s to go with the two P7s. So, Stewart might be your best choice after Hunter Lawrence. Don’t pick Benny Bloss–he is out for the last two rounds with a broken arm and collarbone.
2024 Denver Track Map.
  1. Here’s what it will take for Jett Lawrence to clinch the title, and we will keep it simple. If Lawrence wins, Webb will have to finish in P9 or better to stay in the hunt going into the final round in Salt Lake City. If Tomac wins, Lawrence will have to finish in P8 or worse in Denver for Tomac to stave off elimination. If Sexton wins, he is eliminated if Lawrence finishes in P12 or better on Saturday at Empower Field at Mile High. Realistically, Webb is Lawrence’s only title contender, even if Lawrence lays a goose egg in Denver.
  1. The racing starts at 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver. Race Day Live fires up at 1:30 p.m. Peacock is where you go for the live video/audio stream, with SiriusXM running the audio for the race. NBC will show the race on Sunday at 4 p.m. Check our 2024 Supercross Television Schedule for details and updates.

2024 Denver Supercross Fantasy Picks

  1. Jett Lawrence
  2. Chase Sexton
  3. Cooper Webb
  4. Jason Anderson
  5. Eli Tomac

Wild Card P7: Hunter Lawrence

Exclusive photography by Tyler Maillet / Ajak Photos

2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series Standings (after 15 of 17 rounds)

  1. Jett Lawrence, Honda, 311 points (7 wins, 9 podiums, 12 top-fives)
  2. Cooper Webb, Yamaha, 299 (4W, 8P, 13 T5)
  3. Eli Tomac, Yamaha, 270 (1W, 6P, 8 T5)
  4. Chase Sexton, KTM, 268 (1W, 8P, 11 T5)
  5. Jason Anderson, Kawasaki, 244 (3P, 9 T5)
  6. Ken Roczen, Suzuki, 223 (1W, 6P, 8 T5)
  7. Aaron Plessinger, KTM, 198 (1W, 3P, 7 T5)
  8. Justin Cooper, Yamaha, 189 (1 P5)
  9. Justin Barcia, GasGas, 182 (1P, 2 T5)
  10. Hunter Lawrence, 178 (2 T5)
  11. Malcolm Stewart, Husqvarna, 169
  12. Shane McElrath, Suzuki, 120 (1 T5)
  13. Dylan Ferrandis, Honda, 120 (1 T5)
  14. Benny Bloss, Beta, 94
  15. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 86
  16. Dean Wilson, Honda, 68
  17. Kyle Chisholm, Suzuki, 60
  18. Justin Hill, KTM, 57
  19. Vince Friese, Honda, 48
  20. Jorge Prado, GasGas, 45
  21. Christian Craig, Husqvarna, 39
  22. Colt Nichols, Beta, 42
  23. Derek Drake, Suzuki, 33
  24. Mitch Oldenburg, Honda, 32
  25. Cade Clason, Kawasaki, 31
  26. Freddie Norén, Kawasaki, 27
  27. Mitchell Harrison, Kawasaki, 25
  28. Ty Masterpool, Kawasaki, 19
  29. Jeremy Hand, Honda, 16
  30. Jerry Robin, Yamaha, 9
  31. Grant Harlan, Yamaha, 9
  32. John Short, Kawasaki, 8
  33. Austin Politelli, GasGas, 7
  34. Anthony Bourdon, Suzuki, 7
  35. Ryan Breece, Yamaha, 6
  36. Justin Rodbell, KTM, 5
  37. Tristan Lane, KTM, 3
  38. Carson Mumford, Honda, 3
  39. Aaron Tanti, Kawasaki, 3
  40. Devon Simonson, Yamaha, 3
  41. Kevin Moranz, KTM, 2
  42. Justin Starling, Honda, 2
  43. Josh Hill, Yamaha, 2
  44. Jason Clermont, Kawasaki, 1
  45. Robbie Wageman, Yamaha, 1