2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look [10 Fast Facts]

Jorge Prado is racking up fans all over the world. His list of accomplishments is impressive. It started with the 2011 65cc FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, and he reached the pinnacle of his sport by earning the 2023 MXPG World Championship. Along the way, Prado grabbed the 2018 and ’19 MX2 World Championship, following his 125cc European Motocross Championship in 2015. The Spanish rider expanded his fan base with four rides in the 2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series—his maiden voyage into the world of supercross. Put that all together, and the world is ripe for the 2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition, a motorcycle featuring technical and cosmetic updates. Let’s go over the new GasGas.

2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look: #1 and #61

  1. The 2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition gets a high-end technological package. The Connectivity Unit Offroad allows you to wirelessly pair the motorcycle to the GasGas+ app on your smartphone. The unit is GPS-equipped to record your line choices, lap times, and a broad range of other data. The app also allows for custom power maps, and helps you set up the suspension for your style and conditions.

2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look: GPS equipped

  1. The motor is standard, though the muffler is provided by Akrapovič and the clutch cover by Hinson Clutch Components.

2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look: Akrapovic

  1. The frame has increased flex. By removing some material from the frame, GasGas has changed the nature of the chassis flex, which results in improved corner entry, according to GasGas. Changes in the motor mounts also contribute to the change. There are also high-grip frame protectors that interact with your boots.

2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look: For Sale

  1. The WP Xact suspension gets new settings to reflect the chassis changes to the 2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition. That’s a split air fork in the front grasped by a red-anodized triple clamp with two offset options—20 and 22mm. The fork is also outfitted with a holeshot device. The shock gets updated linkage, featuring a smaller linkage bolt and low-friction seals.

  1. Bolted to the top triple clamp is a new handlebar mount. There’s a larger mounting surface to reduce bar-twisting due to a crash. Soft Odi grips are on the handlebar.
  1. GasGas Factory wheels provide more strength. The hubs and spoke nipples are anodized red, while the D.I.D Dirt Star rims and spokes are black. The wheels are shod with MXGP-friendly Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid-Soft tires.

  1. To help show you down, the 2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition has an updated brake pedal.
  1. The fenders are different from the standard MC 450F. The front fender matches the Prado-signed #1 number plate (a plain number plate is also included) and gives the GPS sensor a place to live. Out back, the rear fender is wider, which undoubtedly helped Prado to his best Supercross finish in the mud at Oracle Park in San Francisco.

  1. The Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing graphics are molded into the plastic. Although this is a 2025 model, the 2024 team graphics are employed. The #61 graphics are optional.

  1. We don’t have a price for the 2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition. Check with your dealer on that ASAP, as these special edition models typically don’t last long on the showroom floor.

2025 GasGas MC 450F Prado Edition First Look