Shinko SR999 Long Haul Tires First Look [Built For America]

Shinko SR999 Long Haul Tires: Prices

The all-new Shinko SR999 Long Haul tires are designed for high-mileage cruiser motorcycles. The tire features an all-new rubber compound that has high mileage in mind, along with good grip. The tread pattern is designed with generous siping for wet weather performance—something you’re likely to see on long trips. The Aramid belting and reinforced carcass are intended to handle heavier touring cruisers at high speeds, giving them a planted feel with a focus on stability.

Shinko SR999 Long Haul Tires: MSRP

The tire was built by Shinko at the request of Western Power Sports, the exclusive American importer of Shinko tires.

“We have helped to grow and develop the Shinko brand in the U.S. and have a great relationship with the company,” said Western Power Sports Director Richard Kelsey. “Most of their cruiser tires are sold in America, so when we wanted to develop a long-haul tire for U.S. terrain and conditions, they were right there with us. Shinko has owned the performance cruiser segment, and consumers know and trust the SR777 line. The SR999 Long Haul tire is a great alternative for the rider that is looking for higher mileage on cross-country rides.” Ultimate Motorcycling has tested the Shinko SR777.

Shinko SR999 Long Haul Tires: For Sale

The Shinko SR999 Long Haul comes in load capacities ranging from 467 pounds for the skinny 80/90-21 to 1102 pounds for the beefy 180/55B18. The SR999 has a speed rating of 130 mph, except for the MU85B16, which is good for 149 mph.

Shinko SR999 Long Haul Tires Fast Facts


Tire Size Speed Rating Load Index Type MSRP
130/80-17 H 65 Tubeless $170
MU85B16 H 77 Tubeless $235
120/70-21 V 68 Tubeless $150
130/90B16 H 73 Tubeless $175
100/90-19 H 61 Tubeless $167
130/90B16 H 73 Tubeless $185
150/80B16 H 77 Tubeless $200
180/65B16 H 77 Tubeless $230
160/70B17 H 79 Tubeless $227
130/60B19 H 67 Tubeless $220
180/55B18 H 84 Tubeless $270
130/70B18 H 69 Tubeless TBA
170/80B15 H 73 Tubeless $210
170/70-16 H 75 Tubeless $207
80/90-21 H 54 Tubeless $110
140/90B16 H 77 Tubeless $193
100/90-19 H 61 N/A $115
110/90-19 H 62 N/A $143
150/90B15 H 80 N/A $207
180/70B15 H 82 N/A $223

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