Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus Oil Revealed [2 New Blends]

Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus Oil

Pennzoil is back in the motorcycle engine oil business with motorcycle-focused formulas for four-stroke motors. The Shell-owned, Houston-based brand, which has been selling oil to consumers for 114 years, is also offering specialized motor oil aimed at the ATV/UTV, snowmobile, and marine markets under the Pennzoil Outdoors umbrella. While Pennzoil has sold motorcycle oils in the past, the new oil is fully synthetic and derived from natural gas. It is offered under the Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus name, with motorcyclists choosing between 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities.

Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus oil available
Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus oil debuts at SEMA Show 2022 in Las Vegas.

Both oils fit meet API SN and JASO MA2 standards. This means you will likely be able to use Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus in virtually any motorcycle sold in the United States. However, check your motorcycle’s warranty’s fine print, just in case.

The two different viscosity oils from Pennzoil come with different performance claims.

According to Pennzoil, the 10W-40 motorcycle focuses on efficiency for improved power delivery and superior throttle response, along with reducing engine noise and vibration due to smoother operation. Designed for wet clutches, it works in a wide range of temperatures, with a nod toward cooler days thanks to a 10-weight winter rating. Pennzoil also recommends its 10W-40 blend for race-tuned engines, as it offers less resistance to the spinning crank and transmission.

Intended for hotter temperatures and additional protection, the 20W-50 version is claimed by Pennzoil to make clutch engagement smoother, keep the motor running quieter, and lessen vibration. According to Pennzoil, its 20W-50 oil keeps dirt particles apart, which helps protect the engine and wet clutches in designs where the two share the same oil supply. The thicker weight provides enhanced protection in higher temperatures.

“Whether it’s enjoying the backcountry on an ATV or enjoying time boating with the family, we’re excited to bring this new line to outdoor enthusiasts to give them peace of mind during their adventures,” Vice President of Lubricants Marketing at Shell Lubricants Bree Sandlin said. “It’s important for us to continue to innovate to meet the needs of our consumers. We’ve taken the technology that Pennzoil customers are accustomed to in their passenger cars and formulated these small engine oils to provide the same performance and protection for those who love the outdoors.”

Pennzoil Motorcycle Premium Plus fully synthetic oil will be available at the usual U.S. retail suppliers in the first quarter of 2023. We don’t have a price for the oil, or a list of container sizes.