Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots Review [Very Cool]

Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots Review: For Sale

Alpinestars does it again with a radical Black Hue colorway on the Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boots—so simple yet so perfect, you almost don’t want to get them dirty. But we all know motocross gear serves a much more important purpose than looking good, right? Let’s get into what the new Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boots are all about.

Alpinestars further advances the innovations on the Tech 10 platform to make arguably the best boot in motocross even better. The Tech 10 Supervented boot is designed for maximum airflow and heat dissipation. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get to keep us cool, especially during those hot weather motos.

Right out of the box, as you gaze at the shimmering beauty of the seemingly’ 90s-inspired colorway, you immediately notice the ventilation ports around the entire boot.

Starting in the front, the Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boots feature two inlet ports on the front toe area. Moving up, you get a ventilated shin plate with perforated microfiber padding behind the buckles. On the upper and lower back side of the boots, more vents act as exhaust ports for the foot-heated air. Collectively, these features are designed to allow more heat to escape the boot and keep your feet cool.

In addition to the ventilated outer shell, the new inner bootie is almost entirely constructed of cushiony mesh material for added heat dissipation. Alpinestars says the inner bootie design is a 3D Higher Spring insole, which uses air channels within the sole for optimal ventilation.

The buckles are simply amazing. The hook-and-pull closure system features a nylon and fiberglass compound for improved durability and strength. Easily one of my favorite motocross boot buckle systems on the market, these Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boot buckles keep me secure all day at the track. All buckles are easily replaceable, but it is unlikely that you’ll need to with this build. Still, it’s a good “just in case” feature.

New for the Tech 10 Supervented boots is the redesigned sole with an extended honeycomb pattern for better grip and feel on footpegs. Similar to the standard Tech 10, the central sole insert features a micro-grip and side-hooking design. Alpinestars says this mainly helps in wet and muddy conditions—we haven’t had a chance to test it in inclement weather. In our dry summer conditions, the honeycomb sole is quite grippy on the pegs, so that’s a nice addition.

We’ve all seen the illustrated graphic of the cold air going in through the front ports with heat escaping from the rear exhaust ports—but does it really work? Well, yes, it does. The temperature regulation inside the Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boots is due to the ventilation ports and the highly perforated padding doe their jobs.

You feel the inflow of air from the front ports. It’s not exactly like you’re walking on clouds with a blissful breeze between your toes; instead, it is subtly apparent that air is flowing through the boot. You do feel cooler throughout the day.

Even at a standstill in the pits, these boots let heat escape. So, yeah, in the 99-degree weather we’re enjoying this summer and fall in Southern California, the Alpinestars The 10 Supervented boots are a fantastic addition to the gear bag.

Static photography by Will Embree
Action photography by Don Williams

Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Colors: Black Hue; Black/White/Gray/Red; White

Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots Price: $680 MSRP

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