SpillFix Granular Absorbent Review: Soak It Up!

SpillFix Granular Absorbent Review: Garage Fuel Spill

I hate it when I cut corners. I’m adamant about not filling up motorcycle fuel tanks in the garage. I always roll the bikes out on the driveway, so any spill is outdoors, rather than indoors. In this case, it was hot and sunny outside, so I decided to gas up the BMW F 900 R test bike in the garage. As you’d predict, the hose from the VP Racing SureCan popped out—totally my fault—and gas went all over the floor. The upside, it gave me a chance to test the three-quart jar of SpillFix granular absorbent I had at the ready.

SpillFix Granular Absorbent Review: Coconut Husk

SpillFix is a simple product that works brilliantly. Although it had the job of cleaning up a spill of toxic gasoline, SpillFix is an organic product. Made of coir (coconut husk), it is an impressively absorbent product. The texture is like sawdust, but the cellulose fiber in coconut husks seems designed by nature for sucking up liquid.

I didn’t measure how much gas spilled, but it spread over an area about one foot by two feet. I pulled out of the aging plastic container of SpillFix and sprinkled it out over the spill. The jar was six years old—see, I’m not messy—so some of the coir had clumped. I tapped on the clumps with a screwdriver, and they broke up nicely.

Almost instantly, the gasoline has been subsumed by SpillFix—pretty much like magic. From there, I got out the broom and dustpan, and easily swept up the gasoline-infused coir. I deposited it in a trash bag and took it outside for proper discarding at a hazardous waste disposal center. Yeah, that’s how simple the problem of gas on the garage floor was solved.

SpillFix notes that its granular absorbent concoction is non-abrasive and free of silica dust, making it safe to use—always a nice feeling. All I had to do was leave the garage door open to let things air out, and everything was back to normal.

The three-quart jar is claimed to handle a half-gallon of fluid—it’s not limited to gasoline, of course. Unless you are habitually careless, the $9.49 jar of SpillFix should cover you for quite a while—it is available in containers as large as the 568-gallon, 900-pound Super Sack for mega industrial use. It took a while for me to need SpillFix granular absorbent, but I was glad I had it when I needed it.