Harley-Davidson Apex Factory Custom Paint First Look [Photos, Prices]

Paint is the bond that pulls the look of a motorcycle together. Harley-Davidson has long focused on paint upgrades to enhance various models, with the paint on CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) motorcycles as an example. The latest factory paint job offered by Harley-Davidson has been dubbed Apex.

Apex factory paint is inspired by the Harley-Davidson XR750 flat track racer, and brought to select Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring models as an option. The paint isn’t just for the fuel tank—it includes the fairing, side covers, and side cases.

Harley-Davidson Apex Factory Custom Paint First Look: Price

Vivid Black is used as the base. From there, Gauntlet Grey graphic panels are added, with each panel getting inner drop shadows plus a striking Bar & Shield pattern that continuously fades on the fairing, tank, and side cases. The fading Bar & Shield comes from the current Harley-Davidson Factory Team motorcycles. Next up is a Jet Fire Orange accent stripe. Harley-Davidson racing fans recognize Jet Fire Orange as the color of the XR750.

Harley-Davidson Apex Factory Custom Paint First Look: Option MSRP

The fuel tank’s outline on the Apex factory paint job recalls the XR750. The graphic treatment runs from the front fender to the side cases, and includes the tank and side covers. On models with a fairing and truck, it all matches up.

“Apex factory custom paint gives riders the opportunity to express the thrill of speed and competition on the bodywork of their bagger,” explains Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson VP of Design and Creative Director – Motorcycles. “This paint scheme communicates velocity and forward momentum with lines and colors inspired by Harley-Davidson competition motorcycles.”

Harley-Davidson Apex Factory Custom Paint For Sale

Apex factory custom paint is not something you’ll have to wait for. It can be ordered on 2022 Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring models immediately. The Apex paint is done by The Motor Company at Harley-Davidson Tomahawk Operations and York Vehicle Assembly.

We’ve got the prices for the Apex factory custom paint option:

Photography by Jeremy Cliff and Clutch Studios