Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review [Summer Motorcycle Apparel]

Nothing beats airflow when it comes to keeping cool on a hot summer ride, and the Noru Kuki mesh jacket perfectly blends comfort and function.

Some mesh motorcycle jackets are almost exclusively mesh. While that provides maximum airflow and is the best choice for the absolute hottest days, all-mesh jackets are uncomfortable. Lack any shaping panels, the jacket hangs on you, flapping incessantly at freeway speeds.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review: MSRP

The Noru Kuki mesh jacket has just the right amount of stiffer non-mesh 600 denier nylon panels to keep the jacket’s shape, even when barreling down the highway. The Kuki’s large mesh panels are in the chest and upper arms, with the stiffer material—which still breaths—in the shoulders and forearms.

Two-button adjusters on each forearm and bicep, along with hook-and-loop belts on each side of the waist, allow for some fit personalization. Hook-and-loop is also used at the top and bottom of the main zipper, primarily to camouflage the zipper. I’m a Large, and the Noru Kuki in that size fits just about right—I definitely didn’t get the wrong size. There’s no binding or movement restriction, and the soft collar feels good on the neck.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review: Price

The pockets are typical—two relatively small handwarmer pockets, and a Napoleon pocket, which I like for my smartphone. Most textile motorcycle jackets include a large interior pocket. However, the Noru Kuki dispenses with that luxury, as a pocket would reduce airflow.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review: For Sale

Safety is as expected, which is always a bit disappointing. We applaud the CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders, while we tsk-tsk the back foam pad that offers no protection. We replaced the pad with a Forcefield Pro Lite K CE Level 2 back protector ($80). Noru’s parent company Helmet House offers a Cortech-branded Safe-Tech CE Level back protector for $20—consider that an indispensable upgrade. Note that the back protector pocket on the Noru Kuki is not mesh, so adding a legit back protector does not compromise the airflow.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review: Summer motorcycle apparel

Everyone has different reactions to heat, so it’s difficult to quantify how much the Noru Kuki mesh jacket, or any jacket of its type, will make for each rider. I was comfortable enjoying slower urban riding with the temperatures in the 90s. When the sun went down at the thermometer dropped into the 70s, I was still comfortable, even on the freeway. After dark, I appreciated the Kuki’s reflective piping.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Review: Summer

The Noru Kuki mesh jacket comes with a long-sleeved quilted thermal liner so the jacket can be worn in cooler temperatures. The liner zips into the body of the jacket, and there are loops and snaps for securing the arms at the wrists. The liner adds a dedicated smartphone and a higher-capacity pocket to the cargo carrying capability of the jacket.

I’d prefer to see the liner as an option for a couple of reasons. First, I consider a mesh jacket to be an auxiliary jacket for the hottest days, and I’ll wear my regular jacket in normal temperatures. Also, rather than carry around a fairly bulky liner on a trip, I’d prefer to pack one of Noru’s base layers. More useful would be a waterproof liner, as summer weather can be hot and wet, depending on where you ride.

With clean styling, plenty of airflow, and a comfortably structured shell, the Noru Kuki mesh jacket gets the job done in the summer heat for $150 MSRP. At the time of this writing, Noru is offering the good-looking jacket for $100, reflecting that a bit of the summer has passed.

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: X-Small – 3X-Large
  • Colors: Black; Grey/Black; Fluo/Black; Red/Black
  • Protection: CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor

Noru Kuki Mesh Jacket Price: $150 MSRP

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