AGV Tourmodular Modular Helmet First Look [Euro Touring]

The new AGV Tourmodular modular helmet is designed to offer a high level of safety, in addition to the integration of an optional helmet-to-helmet mesh intercom system.

For safety, the AGV Tourmodular uses a shell that blends carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and fiberglass. According to AGV, this combination results in a lightweight helmet—though no weight is quoted—and a protective rigidity. The Tourmodular meets standards for a full-face helmet with the chin guard in the down position, and an open-face helmet with the chin guard in the up position. This makes it legal to ride using configuration.

At 4mm, the face shield is twice as thick as the average face shield. This offers additional protection at touring speeds, while retaining an Optical Class 1 rating. The face shield’s movement is modulated by AGV’s Micro-opening system, which uses metal mechanisms for enhanced durability. The system allows the wearer to keep the face shield in a preferred position with the air flowing. Speaking of airflow, there are four adjustable air vents.

Recognizing its role as a touring helmet, the AGV Tourmodular helmet focuses on superior aerodynamics. AGV claims a “dynamic weight of zero at 130 km/h” (about 80 mph) due to its lack of turbulence. The smooth flowing of air over the Tourmodular at touring speeds helps it earn certification as an open-face helmet with the chin guard up.

The AGV Insyde intercom system is a collaboration between Cardo and AGV, and is designed for easy installation. The AGV Insyde system uses Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication technology to allow the rider to form a group of 15 compatible units over a distance of 3.7 miles.

The AGV Tourmodular modular helmet is available in Europe, with ECE 2206 homologation, in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Pricing starts at €550 for one-color versions, and moves up to €600 for the more complex colorways. We don’t yet have an arrival date for the helmet in the United States.

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