Norton To Build Electric Motorcycles: 30-Month Project Beckons

Norton To Build Electric Motorcycles: R&D

If the high-performance 2023 Norton V4SV we recently revealed isn’t to your liking, Norton is also planning to design, test, and build an electric motorcycle. Co-funded by the UK government via the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC), the Zero Emission Norton (ZEN) initiative will coordinate six companies to assist Norton in its mission. The objective of the 30-month project is to create a UK-based supply chain that simplifies the manufacturing process of the all-new electric Norton motorcycle.

Norton To Build Electric Motorcycles

Powering the ZEN will be a battery pack by Delta Cosworth, which is part of the UK Automotive Battery Supply Chain project. The motor and inverter will be created by HiSpeed Ltd. Charging technology will be shared by Indra Renewable Technologies, with WMG Warwick (an academic department at the University of Warwick) working on modeling, toolchain (software) development, and battery technology. Dielectric direct immersion cooling will be performed by M&I MaterialsMivolt fluids. Composites used in the ZEN will be developed by Formaplex Technology.

“This significant funding investment is a momentous milestone for the brand as it marks the beginning of our electrification journey and fulfilling our ten-year product plan,” according to Norton Motorcycles CEO Dr. Robert Hentschel. “Norton is an exemplar of modern luxury and unafraid to challenge the status quo, innovating for the future of mobility while staying true to our British heritage. It also brings into focus our desire to support the UK in its mission for a net-zero automotive future. Working alongside our world-class partners, we’re confident that project Zero Emission Norton will eliminate the current dispute between a conventional and electric motorcycle to create EV products that riders desire—motorcycles that blend Norton’s uncompromising design DNA with racing performance, touring range, and lightweight handling.”

Dr. Robert Hentschel
Norton Motorcycles CEO Dr. Robert Hentschel

There is no word on the budget for the ZEN project, or how many pounds sterling the APC will be investing.

“The projects receiving today’s investment highlight the breadth of technologies needed to help the UK accelerate to net-zero emissions,” APC Chief Executive Ian Constance explained. “They’re reimagining not just vehicles, but transport in general. Norton is an iconic British brand with a proud history. From making motorcycles to supporting the second world war effort to developing the world’s first production superbike, they are now looking to the future with an electric bike that will deliver both performance and range. This will radiate from a UK manufacturing base and strengthen highly skilled jobs and green growth.”

Norton Motorcycles has been owned by India’s TVS Motor Company for just over two years.