2022 Kawasaki KX112 Review [6 Fast Facts From the Track]

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Review

Kawasaki moves up the supermini world with the 2022 Kawasaki KX112. This youth motorcycle helps bridge the gap between 85cc and 125cc two-stroke motocross bikes. The KX112 features the same chassis as the KX100, but with a stroked motor adding 13cc. We enlisted young 85cc racer Grant Schafer—five foot even, 88 pounds—to let us know how a rider targeted by this model liked it on the track.

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Review: Price

  1. Kawasaki did more than simply stroke the KX100 motor when turning it into a KX112 powerplant. We went over the changes in our 2022 Kawasaki KX112 First Look To summarize, Kawasaki went for more torque with the 5.8mm stroke increase, plus a change in porting that favors torque production. There were also plenty of reliability enhancements, including a new transmission, a new crankshaft, beefier needles bearing in the motor, a new piston, and a larger water jacket for the cylinder.
  1. Kawasaki’s changes to the motor make the KX112 an impressively rideable supermini. The engine revs quickly, holding traction as you row through the six-speed gearbox. With strong power down low, the throttle response is snappy, helping the rider clear larger jumps. Overrev helps adjust the motorcycle’s attitude in the air, while minimizing the need to upshift an extra time on short straights. You can either ride it like an 85 and wring its neck, or take advantage of its torquey output and short-shift.

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Review: For Sale

  1. Riders moving up from an 85 will appreciate the increased stability of the 112’s larger wheelset. The 2022 Kawasaki KX112 has 19-/17-inch wheels, compared to the 17-/14-inch combo you’ll find on 85s. The larger wheels encourage railing berms rather than squaring them off, even though it’s more than willing to do the latter. Our test rider was moving up to the 112 and could exploit the additional power due to the poise of the chassis’ extra half-inch of trail and a 1.8-inch increase in wheelbase.
  1. With the motor helping out on jumps, the KX112 is prepared for airtime. The smooth powerplant keeps the chassis settled when approaching jumps, and at 170 pounds, it is stable in the air, while retaining the agility needed to make airborne adjustments when necessary.

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Review: MSRP

  1. The suspension is unchanged from the KX85, with 10.8 inches of travel at each end, and it still gets the job done on the KX112. When the rider comes up short or overjumps, the suspension saves the day. The rear end stays put through the braking bumps as the KX enters turns, keeping the chassis steady and prepared for cornering. The suspension is particularly adept at handling the acceleration bumps on corner exits.
  1. With a strong motor and stable handling, the 2022 Kawasaki KX112 is a solid supermini racer. The motor updates that came with the increased displacement mean that reliability is baked into the design, making the $4999 motocrosser especially attractive to young racers lacking deep pockets.

Track photography by Will Embree / SMX Pictures

Grant Schafer is sponsored by Fasthouse and Orange County Honda Kawasaki


  • Helmet: Bell Moto-10 Fasthouse Day in the Dirt
  • Goggles: 100% Strata 2
  • Jersey: Fasthouse Grindhouse Punk
  • Gloves: Fasthouse Speed and Style Punk
  • Pants: Fasthouse Grindhouse 2.0 Punk
  • Underwear: Ethika
  • Knee braces: Leatt Dual Axis
  • Socks: O’Neal Pro XL Brace
  • Boots: Alpinestars Tech 7

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Specs 


  • Type: Single-cylinder two-stroke
  • Displacement: 112cc
  • Bore x stroke: 52.5 x 51.6mm
  • Compression ratio: 8.6:1 to 9.9:1
  • Fueling: 28mm Keihin PWK flat-slide carburetor
  • Exhaust: Powervalve and expansion chamber
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Clutch: Multiplate wet


  • Front suspension; travel: Fully adjustable 36mm cartridge inverted fork; 10.8 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable piggyback-reservoir shock; 10.8 inches
  • Tires: Dunlop Geomax MX33
  • Front tire: 70/100 x 19
  • Rear tire: 90/100 x 16
  • Front brake: 220mm disc w/ 2-piston Tokico caliper
  • Rear brake: 184mm disc w/ single-piston caliper


  • Wheelbase: 51.6 inches
  • Rake: 29 degrees
  • Trail: 4.3 inches
  • Seat height: 34.3 inches
  • Ground clearance: 13.0 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 1.3 gallons
  • Wet weight: 170 pounds
  • Color: Lime Green

2022 Kawasaki KX112 Price: $4999 MSRP

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