MotoSolutions Raincoat Review: Rain Repellant Coating For Plastic

MotoSolutions Raincoat is not a raincoat. Instead, it is a water-repellant coating that helps you see better when riding in the rain. You apply it to a motorcycle helmet faceshield or windshield to make rainwater seemingly stay away, and it works.

I will purposely ride in the rain to get to the local forest gravel roads to play on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike. In Northern Oregon, if you aren’t willing to ride in the rain, you might as well keep your bike winterized and on a Battery Tender.

MotoSolutions Raincoat Review: Packet


This summer, I rode in a deluge for several hours in Yellowstone. Until now, I would make sure to be wearing gloves with a left index finger squeegee. That little two-inch squeegee helped a lot, until I needed both hands on the bars in slow-and-go traffic on a twisty road. Then, all I could do was constantly refocus down the road and not let my eyes focus on the water blocking and distorting my view on my faceshield. Large, small, smashed, moving, and stuck raindrops were totally distorting my view. My faceshield needed help.

I didn’t have to wait more than 12 hours after I received my MotoSolutions Raincoat packets in the mail to be able to rain-test a rain product. The application process is simple. Out of the direct sun or rain, apply a pea-size drop of this evaporating-oil and wax mixture to a water-moistened applicator like a small sponge. Distribute a thin coating to your plastic screen and let it dry for a few minutes to a white haze. Using a clean and dry cotton cloth or toilet paper—no microfiber—wipe off the dried haze. That’s it. Go ride and prepare to be amazed.

MotoSolutions Raincoat Review: Cycle GearI coated one-half of each of two faceshields to capture just how good MotoSolutions Raincoat works. I donned a rainproof outfit and set out many times on my Ténéré 700 to capture photographic evidence.

Unfortunately, the results of shooting with my iPhone’s camera while riding aren’t as apparent as what I saw looking out. However, it is representative. Looking out through the coated sides of the faceshields, the view seemed barely obstructed and did not require extreme concentration to look through. The uncoated sides were as expected—watery blurs, as usual.

MotoSolutions Raincoat Review: Rain Repellent

I have only been using Raincoat for a few weeks, but each rain ride shows me what seems to be rain being repelled. I know it is hitting the shield, but it is gone before I can see it happen or capture it on camera. It works from the first application.

Riding in heavy rain washes the Raincoat after a few days, so re-application is needed. According to MotoSolutions, the more times Raincoat is applied, the longer it lasts. If you fold over the foil pouch and seal it with a paper clip, it should stay viable for six months. The 0.1-ounce packet is labeled to cover eight square feet of plastic.

Now that I have proven to myself that MotoSolutions Raincoat works, I have gone back and fully coated all of my helmets’ faceshields and motorcycles’ windshields. It was really annoying looking through the rain with my right eye and seeing clearly with my left for the test! Raincoat is a simple and inexpensive fix to a universal riding problem. Although you’ll have a hard time finding it for sale online, it is available at Cycle Gear stores for $1 a packet, or you can call MotoSolutions at 510-799-5100 and order over the phone.