Super73 Ducati Corse Tribute Bike First Look [Electric with Pedals]

Irvine-based Super73 continues to blur the lines between motorcycles and pedal-assisted electric bicycles with this one-off build that also blends brands. The Super73 Ducati Corse tribute bicycle isn’t a Ducati-associated product, so you won’t find a Ducati logo anywhere. However, that doesn’t mean this inspiration isn’t Bologna-sourced.

Super73 Ducati Corse Tribute Bike: Custom Bicycle

The red frame color is only the start of the homage to the racing team from Italy. The hub drive gets an unmistakable tricolore paint scheme, with both wheels getting disc brakes—203mm front, 180mm rear—with Magura MT5 four-piston hydraulic calipers. The Super73 has motorcycle-like four-inch-wide Vee Rubber Trooper tires mounted on 20-inch wire-spoked wheels. Although there is no suspension, the front fork is a striking anodized gold, intended to invoke the Kashima coating used on KYB and Showa fork tubes. The luxurious black seat features red piping to match the frame. Another premium appointment is the steering, thanks to the Blain handlebar with ODI grips.

Super73 Ducati Corse Tribute Bike: Pedal-assist electric bicycle

According to sources at Super73, this tribute bike is part of this company’s expansion into Europe, which includes an Amsterdam headquarters. The Super73 Ducati Corse custom build is “designed to pay our respects to a name that has set the standard for motorbike racing since 1926. Italian racing has stood head and shoulders above the rest, and Ducati Corse has been the driving force behind that. As such, Super73 has created a homage to the legendary bikes that have paved the way and burned rubber, all in the name of racing for racing’s sake. A company steeped in tradition in a nation obsessed with racing has drawn out the best and inspired generations of bike enthusiasts from pedals to pegs and everything in between…Having competed at the top level for over 20 years, Ducati Corse has one of the richest histories in two-wheeled racing, creating a bike paying tribute to such an exceptional team.”

Although you can’t buy it, the Super73 Ducati Corse tribute bike is undoubtedly an eye-catching custom build with beautiful photography by Michael von Rumohr.

Super73 Ducati Corse Tribute Bike Photo Gallery