2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips [10 Triple Crown Fast Facts]

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Start

It continues to be challenging to pick a winning Top 5 in RMFantasySX.com fantasy supercross—no one has been winning the weekly top price with a perfect score. However, Round 4 provided a glimmer of hope for those looking for trends and consistency in the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series. Let’s see what it will take to succeed in Round 5 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Oh, and keep in mind that it’s a Triple Crown round.

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac

  1. Four of the Top 5 riders at San Diego repeated at Anaheim 2, but there is a catch. Dylan Ferrandis, Chase Sexton, Malcolm Stewart, and Eli Tomac all finished both races in the Top 5. However, only Malcolm Stewart repeated in the same position. For me, Stewart’s P5 was a rare bright spot in my season. As all RMFantasySX players know, there’s a big difference between picking the Top 5 and getting their positions exactly right.

  1. The trio of Eli Tomac, Chase Sexton, and Jason Anderson looks to be the riders to beat for the podium. Tomac is on a 4-2-1 run, Sexton has gone 1-3, and Anderson’s 1-8-2 is marred by a mechanical issue. While they might not all be on the Glendale podium, it’s hard to swap one out for another rider. Keep in mind that these three riders each have a win in the last three rounds.

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Tomac Yamaha
Eli Tomac

  1. Tomac does well at Triple Crown races, and he’s on a roll. Opening the season with a 6-4-2-1 performance makes Tomac the first rider to sport the red plate at consecutive rounds in 2022. He’s looking consistent and fast—a potent combination for the Triple Crown format. I’m putting Tomac down for the win, and I’ll be crossing my fingers that he can nail down three decent starts.

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Chase Sexton
Chase Sexton

  1. Sexton is also looking great, and is a fine choice for the top step of the podium if you’re not sold on Tomac. Sexton has no 450SX Triple Crown experience, so that’s enough for me to be comfortable putting him in P2. Also, Sexton has had consistently good starts, which will be to his benefit in the Triple Crown format.

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

  1. Inconsistency makes me a bit wary of Anderson, though not enough to drop him from the podium. Anderson’s collision with Ken Roczen in the A2 sand could have ruined Anderson’s night the same way it did Roczen’s. Anderson was millimeters from going down. Counting on Anderson to put it all together for three Main Events requires more confidence in him than I have. However, he could keep his score low enough to stand on the podium in P3.

2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips: Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart

  1. Malcolm Stewart’s 5-5-5 will come to an end with a P4 in Glendale. Stewart hasn’t shown the speed to nail down a podium spot. However, his starts are good, and that has added importance in the abbreviated Triple Crown Main Events. Stewart might even go 5-5-5 at Glendale, which almost certainly would be good enough for P4 when the results ledger is resolved. If the three Main Events results are really wacky, Stewart could have his first 450SX podium.

Dylan Ferrandis

  1. Although Dylan Ferrandis is fast enough to finish on the podiums, his starts will make his life difficult in the Triple Crown format. With less time to compensate for weak starts, Ferrandis will find it hard to break into the podium in more than one of the three Main Events. He’s my P5 pick, though he could end up noticeably better or worse than that—it’s down to his starts, and he has to deal with three of them.

  1. There are plenty of gate crashers for the Top 5 at Glendale. Justin Barcia, Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen, and Cooper Webb are all legit Top 5 threats. Barcia and Webb have two Top 5 finishes each in 2022, while Musquin and Roczen have found the Top 5 once. They’re all great riders, but their performances as of late make them less appealing picks for the Top 5. Go with Barcia if Ferrandis’ starts make you nervous.

KTM - Cooper Webb - Supercross
Cooper Webb

  1. The Wild Card is P9, and I’m picking Shane McElrath. Although McElrath started the season slowly, he has been gaining momentum. 18-14-13-10 looks good. Also, keep in mind that McElrath gets good starts—a significant advantage in the Triple Crown format. Other good picks include Max Anstie (14-15-12-11), Dean Wilson (12-10-14-9), and Marvin Musquin (4-8-10-6). Remember that Adam Cianciarulo and Joey Savatgy are out for the season, so all the riders reliably behind them move up a couple of spots.
  2. Don’t tune in late for the live coverage on Saturday—all of the races count for points. Coverage starts at 10 p.m. EST on Peacock and CNBC. Be sure to bookmark out 2022 Supercross Television Schedule for cable, streaming, and broadcast coverage. If you’re not familiar with the riders’ numbers, we have a cheat sheet for you.

TL;DR 2022 Glendale Supercross Fantasy Tips Picks

  1. Eli Tomac
  2. Chase Sexton
  3. Jason Anderson
  4. Malcolm Stewart
  5. Dylan Ferrandis

    Wild Card P9: Shane McElrath

Don Williams is in the top 47-percent of RMFantasySX players—last week was his best round of the year.

Exclusive photography by Will Embree / SMX Pictures

2022 AMA Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series Standings (after 4 of 17 rounds)

  1. Eli Tomac, Yamaha, 85 (1W, 2P, 3 T5)
  2. Chase Sexton, Honda, 79 (1W, 2P, 3 T5)
  3. Jason Anderson, Kawasaki, 77 (1W, 2P, 2 T5)
  4. Cooper Webb, KTM, 73 (1P, 2 T5)
  5. Justin Barcia, GasGas, 72 (2P, 2 T5)
  6. Malcolm Stewart, Husqvarna, 70 (3 T5)
  7. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 64 (1P, 2 T5)
  8. Marvin Musquin, KTM, 64 (1 T5)
  9. Ken Roczen, Honda, 62 points (1W, 1P, 1 T5)
  10. Aaron Plessinger, KTM, 55 (1P, 1 T5)
  11. Dean Wilson, Husqvarna, 47
  12. Max Anstie, KTM, 40
  13. Shane McElrath, KTM, 37
  14. Brandon Hartranft, Suzuki, 32
  15. Joey Savatgy, KTM, 27
  16. Justin Brayton, Honda, 24
  17. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 23
  18. Mitchell Oldenburg, Honda, 23
  19. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha, 18
  20. Alex Martin, Yamaha, 15
  21. Josh Hill, KTM, 13
  22. Justin Bogle, KTM, 10
  23. Ryan Breece, Yamaha, 9
  24. Fredrik Norén, KTM, 8
  25. Justin Starling, GasGas, 6
  26. Cade Clason, Honda, 4
  27. Joan Cros, Kawasaki, 2

2022 Anaheim 2 Supercross Results

  1. Eli Tomac, Yamaha
  2. Jason Anderson, Kawasaki
  3. Chase Sexton, Honda
  4. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha
  5. Malcolm Stewart, Husqvarna
  6. Marvin Musquin, KTM
  7. Justin Barcia, GasGas
  8. Cooper Webb, KTM
  9. Dean Wilson, Husqvarna
  10. Shane McElrath, KTM
  11. Max Anstie, KTM
  12. Brandon Hartranft, Suzuki
  13. Ken Roczen, Honda
  14. Justin Bogle, KTM
  15. Mitchell Oldenburg, Honda
  16. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha
  17. Alex Martin, Yamaha
  18. Josh Hill, KTM
  19. Ryan Breece, Yamaha
  20. Freddie Norén, KTM
  21. Justin Brayton, Honda
  22. Aaron Plessinger, KTM