2021 National MotoTrials Championship Final Results: #12 for Smage

With back-to-back wins at the final rounds in New Mexico, Pat Smage has won the 2021 AMA/NATC National MotoTrials Championship—his 12th. Smage started his run at 17 years old in 2007, and has won the last four titles.

2021 National MotoTrials Championship Final Results: Sherco

It wasn’t quite as easy as in 2018 and 2019 when Smage won every round of the series, which was not held in 2020 due to government health restrictions. In 2021, Smage finished second to Miquel Gelabert in both Arizona rounds, but won the other six rounds to take the title easily. Smage’s 12 championships put him two titles clear of Geoff Aaron, who is second on the all-time National MotoTrials Championship list.

“After such a big break from national competition, it was nice to be back at it this year and even better to be able to win another championship over the best riders in the country,” Smage said. “I had so much self-doubt going into the first round, but I just kept trying my best, and things came around as the year went on. With everyone stepping it up so much, it took everything I had to get it done. The support from the team was second to none. I can’t thank them enough for providing me an incredible motorcycle and such an awesome opportunity to focus on trying to win this national championship.”

2021 National MotoTrials Championship Final Results: Pat Smage

“I don’t think there will ever be another like Pat,” said FactoryONE Sherco Team President Ron Sallman of his team’s rider. “He is on another level. It is that simple. Every time you watch him ride, your jaw hits the floor.”

Photos by Stephanie Vetterly Photography

2021 National MotoTrials Championship Final Results

  1. Pat Smage, Sherco, 244 points (6 wins)
  2. Josh Roper, TRS, 176
  3. Alexander Myers, Scorpa, 150
  4. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet, GasGas, 139
  5. Alexander Niederer, Beta, 135
  6. Karl Davis, Jr., Vertigo, 128
  7. Will Myers, Sherco, 120
  8. Samuel Fastle, TRS, 102
  9. Miquel Gelabert, GasGas, 64 (2 wins)