Ducati MG-20 First Look: Urban e-Mobility Line Expands

While we haven’t seen much of it in the United States, the Ducati Urban e-Mobility line is expanding in Europe steadily. Ducati already offers an aluminum Scrambler SCR-E pedal-assist e-bike. Now, it is being joined by the magnesium Ducati MG-20.

The Ducati MG-20 is propelled by a 250-watt motor capable of producing a peak of eight foot-pounds of torque. Different power modes take advantage of pedaling force provided by the rider. Assistance ending at 7.5 mph, 11 mph, or 15.5 mph, depending on the mode selected. An LED dash lets the rider know which mode is in operation.

Ducati MG-20 For Sale

A 36-volt Samsung battery powers the motor, offering 10.5Ah of muscle and 378Wh of capacity. The battery is nicely integrated into the frame, yet is also easily removed for charging. Maximum range is 31 miles, with a top speed of 15.5 mph.

To keep the weight down, magnesium is used for the frame, fork, and rims. The six-spoke wheels are a small 20″ x 2.125″ so the Ducati MG-20 can be folded into a portable form. It is designed to be carried on public transport, as well as in private automobiles.

For operation after dark, the MG-20 has an LED headlight, along with reflective wheel strips.

Ducati MG-20: Price and MSRP

The MG-20 was developed by MT Distribution, an Italian company that focuses on electronics. MT E-Mobility is the division of MT Distribution responsible for the MG-20, which is licensed by Ducati. There are also three Ducati e-scooters available—the e-scooters are skateboard-like designs with a handlebar on a long stalk, not traditional motorcycle-style scooters.

“The proposals are developed keeping in mind Ducati’s design language. Some details in the treatment of the surfaces and some iconic elements of the brand are used in defining the design of both the main frame and some accessory parts,” explains an MT E-Mobility spokesman. “However, this approach is always combined with a view to respecting the DNA of the product without falling into the trivialization of creating a pedal bike.”

The Ducati MG-20 will be sold at Ducati motorcycle dealers, via Ducati online, major online retailers, and specialized consumer electronics stores. It will be available this month in Europe, with an MSRP of £1599 in the United Kingdom.


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