Brembo New G Sessanta Motorcycle Brake Caliper First Look

While the brake calipers on your motorcycle might do a great job of stopping your motorcycle, they are missing one feature that the new Brembo New G Sessanta caliper offers—lighting.

As part of Brembo‘s 60th anniversary, the Italian company has introduced its first LED-equipped brake caliper. The styling of the New G Sessanta—yes, “New” is part of its name— is patterned after the first motorcycle brake caliper manufactured by Brembo. The New G Sessanta is named after the designer of the 1972 unit.

1972 Brembo motorcycle brake caliper

A Brembo spokesman poetically described the G Sessanta to us: “Remaining true to the iconic lines that were the hallmark of that first model to make history, the concept reinterprets its body with a next-generation framework of dynamic solids and voids, which are still essential in their immediacy and formal consistency.”

Although it is tempting to dismiss an LED on a brake caliper as an aesthetic gimmick, there’s more to it than that. According to Brembo, “The use of color and light also has the potential to enable data and information to be sent on the conditions of the vehicle and the caliper itself, or even help localize a parked vehicle by emitting a courtesy light.”

Brembo New G Sessanta: LED brake caliper
Brembo New G Sessanta motorcycle brake caliper

Still, aesthetics are part of the motorcycle riding experience, and they are part of the pride of ownership. This caliper allows a new avenue of rider expression. “The Brembo New G Sessanta is a concept designed to be personalizable by using wireless technology when the vehicle is at [a] stop to control the desired shade of light to express mood, enhance the style of the bike, or adapt it to the surroundings,” Brembo explains. “It can be both an interface, communicating directly with the user, and an aesthetic choice, adapting to the user’s tastes and preferences. The light takes Brembo’s experience in the use of color to a higher level, giving it new values.”

There’s no word yet on the availability of the Brembo New G Sessanta motorcycle brake caliper, its price, or compatible applications.

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