2021 Volcon Runt First Look: Electric Trail Motorcycle For Kids

Could it be that Volcon is angling to be the Hodaka of the 2020s? While the original Volcon Grunt was a good start in the off-beat name derby, the new 2021 Volcon Runt for kids hits the ball out of the park, to mix metaphors. Dad on a Grunt and Jr. on The Runt—that sounds like something the Pacific Basin Trading Company would come up with.

2021 Volcon Run Runt: Price

Also like Hodaka, Volcon sells unassuming off-road motorcycles that are focused on fun and function, rather than outright performance. The Grunt and The Runt look like a parent-child combination.

Being an electric motorcycle, The Runt has an impressive set of features you won’t find on any other kids’ motorcycle.

2021 Volcon Run Runt: MSRP

The Volcon Runt is connected to your smartphone via an app. This allows the parent to constantly monitor The Runt’s location (the bike, not the child) and how it is being ridden. Geo-fencing allows the parent to limit The Runt’s range, and there are also performance limiters. Should The Runt tip over, the parent will be instantly alerted.

2021 Volcon Run Runt: For Sale

Given that children come in a wide variety of sizes, The Runt can be personalized with different seats and handlebars. This also allows The Runt to grow with the child until it’s time to move up to The Grunt.

The 2021 Volcon Runt has a 35-mile range and a top speed of 35 mph. The Runt’s 180-pound weight and 27-inch seat height put it right between the Honda CRF110F and CRF125F in terms of size. At $2995, The Runt’s price also slots between those two Honda trailbikes.

2021 Volcon Run Runt: Photos

A significant difference is the tires. The Runt uses ultra-fat Kenda Klaw MXF tires—front rubber for sport ATVs—instead of traditional narrow motorcycle tires. They’re heavier, more stable, and get traction everywhere. These are go-anywhere trailbikes in the tradition of the Yamaha TW200, the Honda Fat Cat, and the Suzuki VanVan.

Recharging can happen in two hours at a standard 110-volt outlet, which is considerably longer than it takes to fill up a CRF’s fuel tank with gasoline. However, 35 miles is a long ride on a youth motorcycle.

“The no-clutch, single-speed, electric powertrain is easier for young riders to learn,” explains Volcon CEO Andrew Leisner, “and the new app-based controls will give parents the ability to monitor their children and regulate the power of the motorcycle. The Runt paired with our Grunt will bring new families into the freedom and fun that off-road powersports provides.”

The Runt has enduro-style lighting, with no turn signals or mirrors. Passenger pegs and a long tuck-and-roll seat means passengers are welcome.